Monday, December 24, 2012

Due Date

New Born Babe

It was ten days past my due date and the doctor did not seem concerned.  “When the fruit is ripe it will fall.” was his remark of comfort to me, but I am a person with not much patience when it comes to waiting.  This baby was past due, and I wanted him now!

Soon after my Doctor visit, as I arose from bed that morning, there was a rush of uncalled for fluid that flowed from my body.  I told my husband, I think this is it, but I am not in pain, so probably it is not time yet to go to the hospital.

My husband needed to go to work, so the next best thing was to take me to my mother’s house, so I would not be alone.  She had a telephone and we could call the Dr as soon as the contractions began.

At a previous doctor visit I had been told to time the contractions and call him when they were around seven minutes apart for this first baby.  When they were 5 minutes apart, go to the hospital.

I was experiencing more of a flutter and not a contraction, but when evening came, I began to worry.  After a phone call to the Doctor he said, “Come in to the hospital and let’s take a look.”

All it took was a quick examination and he declared, “This baby is breach, and his bottom is there instead of his head.  Naturally, I did not like the sound of that, so I said, “Will it hurt when you turn him?”  The doctor replied, “Oh we aren’t going to turn him, it will just be a bit harder but not a real problem.”

They had given me a shot of something, so by then I was agreeable for most anything and I took my doctor at his word.

Needless to say, when it was all over and I was cozy in bed and feeling pretty good, I told the nurse, I was ready to have another one!  She laughed.

My thoughts went to the Virgin Mary who rode a donkey into Bethlehem escorted by Joseph her husband.  Certainly she must have known that her DUE date was very soon.

Never the less, it was imperative that they travel to Bethlehem to be taxed, so they followed orders from the local rulers.  The events that followed were bizarre and the treatment she received was not hospitable at all.  The next few hours resulted in that her due date arrived and there in the stable along with the animals the king of kings was born.

Not welcomed by the majority of the masses, but visited by lowly shepherds who viewed the heavenly angels singing and declaring, “Do not fear, but follow the star and it will lead you to the new born king.  He will bring Peace on Earth and Good will toward men.”

Many things transpired during Jesus thirty three years of life, until his tragic death, but rejoice because he did not stay dead, for he arose on the third day and lives ever more.

There is another Due date coming and that is the Event of the Ages, “The Return of our Lord,” to receive all those who have accepted Him as their savior.   Don’t miss out on that Due date!

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  1. Hazel,as always you are spot on with your post. Never thought of the next coming event as the "due date" , but it fits. Merry Christmas my sister.

  2. That due date will be on time... and His timing is perfect! Merry Christmas.

  3. Great story and application. Thanks!

  4. YEP!! There is definitely a due date. The Lord's return will be a wonderful one. Our personal due date to be entering Heaven will also be a wonderful one. Whatever is going on in the middle could be a tough "due date" that will draw others to Him when our world is collapsing in many ways/places. But all I can do is Trust Him, trust others led by Him.

    Sorry I'm reading/commenting so late, but do hope you had a blessed time during all this week's activity.


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