Monday, December 3, 2012

That’s Not Your Baby!

New Baby
The year was 1955 and Robert was working almost every day, not the sporadic days when he was just an apprentice roofer. 

When our first two children were born, he was able to come to the hospital to take me and our new baby over to my mother’s place.

My Mother had invited us to stay with her and Dad for a week or so.  In those days it was customary to allow the new mother to rest for a short time.  This was necessary especially if the new mother was nursing her young child. 

So it was again the invitation given by Mother, when our third child was born.  This pregnancy had not been an easy one for me; my ankles would swell, and there were reoccurring bladder infections. 

My Doctor was concerned for the baby, and advised that this child should not be breast fed, because there would be uremic poisoning in the milk. 

It was true that our new baby girl’s face was quite red and swollen, but she seemed to be fighting off the uremic poisoning slowly but surely.

The day arrived that I must leave the hospital, but Robert was busy working, and had requested my mother to pick up me and the baby.

I was happy to see my mother, but disappointed that Robert could not be there.  My suitcase was packed and I was ready to go. 
Into my room, came the nurse with my new baby sporting her black hair, reddish completion, swollen face and eyes slanted shut. 

One thing I forgot to mention is that all our babies were born with jet black hair that soon turned to blond after a few weeks.  This new baby was not an exception.

My sweet mother took one look at my baby, and declared, “That is not your baby, because this child is Asian.”  I laughed, and realized that the baby did indeed look perhaps Chinese, but I told mother, “Well, I am taking her home anyway!”

It took some explaining, but finally mother was convinced that it would be alright to take baby Judie home with us.

Before very long our new baby girl did look like part of our family and everyone especially mother was happy.

When I consider that at times, we as Christians may not always resemble our heavenly Father; and if that is the case, it would be wise to repent and request a cleansing of our behaviour from God with his forgiveness.  Then we may easily be recognized as one of God’s children.

Although I understand that God looks at our heart, others who know that we are a professing Christian - - are watching us, and they are looking at and listening to the outward person. 

When others view you and me, may they see the likeness of Jesus in us and validate that we truly belong to the family of God.
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  1. I'd say you do resemble your Father, Hazel. I struggle at times to "look" like I'm in your family, but thanks to His grace I'm accepted. If only others could grasp that simple truth. Great analogy.

  2. I love this story and the analogy you make in it of our resemblance to Christ -- or not. How blessed, if we "look" like His children!
    BTW, I had the dark hair, then blond, as did my son, and then, when his daughter was born (to two blond parents), there she was with dark hair, too, and to me she looked exactly like a little papoose! heh heh. So cute. (Now she's a blondie, also.)

  3. Hazel, I too had one out four children who had the black hair that became lighter with every washing. I had never seen it before she was born. I don't think that I ever look as if I belong in God's family but I am so glad that He adopted me!

  4. You tied reality and spiritual pieces together as usual... and worth a little grin while "seeing" your mom react. Oh, so many of us would do that!!

    Blessings... as usual.


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