Friday, March 8, 2013

Chiropractic Care

Chinese banquet
Our Son, Dr. Steven Moon just celebrated thirty years as a Doctor of Chiropractic Care.  This is the story of how it all happened.

In College Steven had taken courses to become a licensed x-ray technician, and soon after graduation he obtained work at a local Kaiser Hospital in their x-ray department. 

It was close to Christmas and we had decided to have a Company dinner at a wonderful Chinese restaurant in Castro Valley.  Along with our Roofing crew, we also invited our family to join with us to celebrate Christmas.

Steven and his wife sat across from us, and all the roofing crew were complaining that their backs hurt and that they needed to see the chiropractor.  Someone spoke up and said we need our own chiropractor in the family.

My husband mentioned to Steven that his Chiropractor's son had just graduated from Chiropractic school and joined the practice, and did Steve know what it took to become a Chiropractor? 

It captivated Steven as he said."I didn't know, but I know how to find out."  Steve went to Dr Palaski's office and asked him how to become a Chiropractor. Doctor Palaski was very excited and wanted him to go to his school in St Louis, but Steve didn't want to move so he checked the phone book (it was before the internet) and found two schools close by, 

We agreed to help him with tuition, in exchange for free family treatments.

It turned out that he was only missing a few credits that could be gained by taking evening classes and so it began.

Kaiser arranged his hours so he could work and begin school.  Near by where he lived there was a chiropractic school that was accepting new students.  True to our word, we paid the tuition and the first and second year went well.

The school was still getting their full accreditation and it appeared that Steve needed to transfer to a school in Oregon that would give him his certification. 

We loaned him a car so he could attend school so far away, and we gave him a referrence so he easily rented a comfortable apartment in Oregon.  When he was settled, he phoned several of his classmates and they also transferred to Oregon.   Kaiser in Oregon offered him enough work in their x-ray department to pay his current bills.  Again we stepped up with the school fees.

The training at the school in Oregon prepared the students to become a chiropractor, but they could also do minor surgery and one interesting thing they learned was how to deliver babies. 

I don’t think Steve ever used that knowledge in his chiropractic practice.

Our daughter Becky and I traveled to Oregon to witness Steve’s graduation and to celebrate afterwards with a nice dinner.

Adjusting Table
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Steven began his practice by accepting a room in the office of another doctor, and his patient list began to grow. 

When the other doctor raised the rent on his space, Steven searched for a private office all of his own.   The only thing he needed was a special table, an x-ray machine, and a receptionist.  We helped again and were happy to do so.

Dear Steven, Happy thirty years of adjustments.

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  1. I wish we had a chiropractor in our family!!! Playing football took its toll on my neck and as if that weren't enough I was ran over by a forklift when I was a kid so back problems have been with me my entire life.

    Congratulations to Dr. Steven and you two for being there to help and guide. Great story and life, Hazel.

  2. Thanks (((Mom))) I appreciate all the help you gave me as I went through school and started my practice. You also loaned me a car to drive while I was going to Chiropractic school, and gave me a good reference so I could get an apartment in Oregon.
    Western States doesn't have a medical school, but the Chiropractors there can do minor surgery and deliver babys.
    It's funny how people remember different things. I remember the dinner but don't remember you talking to me about Chiropractic school. I remember Dad telling me that his Chiropractor's son had just graduated from Chiropractic school and joined the practice, and did I know what it took to become a Chiropractor? It captivated me. I said I didn't know, but I knew how to find out. I went to Dr Palaski's office and asked him how to become a Chiropractor. He was excited and wanted me to go to his school is St. Louis, but I didn't want to move so I checked the phone book (it was before the internet) and found two schools close by. I went to talk to the school in San Leandro and the rest is history!

    Thanks again for all your support and for posting this story!
    Steve (Dr Moon)

  3. Overall, all I can say is this is really neat!! If we lived anywhere near, he'd be "it". Actually, can't afford to go to one in our area. Used to. Life has changed. But I expect he will be a blessing... and, obviously, you are, too. To him, to MANY who need him, and to those of us who have met you and learned to appreciate you very much.

    Thank you.


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