Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Ugly Beautiful Cross

Cross, courtesy

The cross of Jesus Christ was ugly splintered wood, spattered with blood, sweat and possibly other body fluids. 

Not a pretty sight, but that was not the worst part.  Other unseen things happened that affected you and me.

The sins of all mankind were placed on Jesus as he hung on that cross and the sky turned dark with grief and then the worst thing happened!

God turned his back on Jesus, because his father God could not stand to look down on this sight any longer.

"Father why have you forsaken me?" cried Jesus.   When his friends and all others ran, Jesus could take that, but not His heavenly father.  That was too much and it broke his heart.

He proclaimed that what He had been sent to do was done.  "It is finished" he cried.  I did it for you - - - he thought in his mind and he could see into the future and view all those he was dieing for, including You and Me! 

It was then he died, and the temple curtain that blocked access into the Holy of Holies was torn from the top to the bottom by the finger of God. 

Now we can enter boldly into the throne room and cry Abba Father.

That cross reminds me of a horrible death, but I am go glad the story did not end there.

We know that Jesus rose again on the third day, full of life, power, forgiveness and love. 

During the next 40 days he proved to his friends and others that it was truly he and that He was alive.

On the mountain top, He gave instructions and another promise, I will return, but until then I am sending you a Comforter and guide.  The Holy Spirit will abide IN you and WITH you and never leave you.

Praise God we can celebrate Easter!! - - It is Resurrection Day, a Glad and Glorious Day. 


  1. Thanks you for this great blog! Yes, let us praise because He is risen!

  2. So very true! God's heart probably bled that day seeing Jesus on the cross and if I were Mary I would turn away too! To God be the glory for saving us! :)

  3. Ugly/Beautiful. A contradiction with such deep meaning.

    Happy Resurrection Day!

  4. So thankful for an empty grave, eternally grateful for Resurrection Power...may it be our experience forevermore! Happy Resurrection Morn

  5. Amen! He is risen to the glory of God and His Son! Happy Easter!


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