Wednesday, March 20, 2013

She Came Bearing Gifts

Gifts of Hope
Her arms were filled with plastic bags full of assorted soaps, shampoo, toothpaste, band-aids, candy, bottles of water and other items of personal care.

My daughter Judie is a bargain shopper, and she is a coupon collector and usually is able to purchase most items by only paying the tax. 

Honestly I don’t know how she does it, because coupons in my newspaper are not that good.

She has made this a ministry and she often takes school supplies and other items to homeless shelters, and schools that can put this merchandise to good use.

She loves to get a bargain; in fact all my girls are happy shoppers when they can get something for half price or less.  Less is better.

Robert and I can only use so much of these wonderful items, so with her permission, after she left, we took bags and boxes to our local “Hope Center” where they are carefully distributed to the needy.  

Hope center also has a community kitchen set up on their premises to feed the many volunteers, and hungry neighbors.  We viewed the busy cook preparing a hot meal for the lunch hour.

On Sunday, more bags and boxes of items went to church with me.  Our senior citizens members at church might be embarrassed to seek help with their budget, at the Hope Center, but are happy to take a few items from a “free” table set up at church to “help your-self.” 

Judie was on her way to Oregon to visit her daughter Ali who is attending college in Portland.  On her way she planned do more bargain shopping and leave items at a school where she enjoys stopping at in Redding, CA.   (More about Bethel Redding church later)

During the week her husband, Chuck works, so when Judie who likes to drive for these trips, when work is over, he flies and meets her at the destination, and together they visit their daughter.

Then they spend the week-end, at their second home in Oregon that they purchased from Chuck's brother. When Chuck’s mother passed away, he and Judie purchased her home from Chuck’s brother, and the thought is eventually they may retire in Oregon.

Their plans include attending a church there on Sunday. Then Chuck will again fly home and Judie hopes to stop by here for another short visit as she heads for home.

In our life, we may not be able to secure these type of gifts for others like Judie does, but we can extend our hands to help in what ever way God shows us. 

One of my friends makes it a habit to reach out and touch others when she prays over them.  Most persons will welcome the gentle touch of a concerned person.

When a hug is appropriate, or a hand on the shoulder, perhaps a kind touch can go a long way to lift sagging spirits.

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  1. Who doesn't like to get a good deal? It's just that some of us aren't as good as others, like your kids. I agree that a warm touch, even a handshake and a pat on the back can go a long way. Whenever I get to see you, Hazel, it's gonna be a hug!

  2. A hug or a hand on the shoulder goes a very long way! A very, very long way, my friend. So glad you're joining us at #TellHisStory, Hazel!


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