Sunday, March 3, 2013

Why? Why? Why??


Today I gleaned from Pastor Jerry’s sermon as he read from Luke 13:1-5 where Jesus reminded his followers that bad things happened to Galileans whether they were Saints or sinners.  

These were not worse sinners, and Jesus urged his listeners to repent lest they too be next in line for disaster.

Religion asks the universal question, Why did this happen?  What is the answer?

Jesus gave a lot of food for thought, and not common answers.  He used parables to illustrate, and left it to his followers to figure out the answer by thinking about it.

The Good shepherd, The lost coin, The prodigal son, Who is my neighbor? And how often do we forgive?  Were a few of the stories Jesus told to cause us to think.

Why is there disaster, disease, and accidents that happen to sinner and saint alike?  Why do people die unnecessarily?   There seems to be randomness in life.

Why do people fail to heed warnings, such as those posted on a pack of cigarettes?

The word, “Repent” comes to mind during this Lenten season.  We are making preparations for the mystery of the resurrection.

Easter has traditions that are fun for children, such as crafts and the Easter egg hunt.  It is the time to welcome Spring when flowers and trees bud and come to life.

Jacob was found wrestling with a man, (who was an angel) and he was prevailing, but the angel touched his thigh and told him his name would now be Israel.

We all wrestle with prayer.  The main aspect is not to come to get answers, but to approach the throne to worship God and to form a lasting relationship with Him.  At times we make prayer too complicated.

If we are angry at God, because we believe He has not answered our prayers, it is good to pray this prayer:   “Lord, help me to love you more.”  Then be in a listening mode.

It is by God’s grace that some of our prayers are NOT answered.  Loss is there, but worry is gone.  Thank God, we are washed in the blood of the Lamb.

We pray that persons will change, but the truth is, neither you nor God can change anyone.  Their will is involved.  Pray that their eyes will be opened to receive truth.

On our way to Easter, we may have more questions than answers. 
Know that God is in control, and he has a handle on us all, - - on you and on me.

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  1. Thanks for this inspirational post. A good reminder.
    Have a nice week dear:)

  2. Good point, Hazel. We don't get what we want sometimes because it woud bring us harm that we can't for see. Living in faith is where we find not sorrow, but complete joy and peace as our Father provides all that we need... even if we don't know it at the time...

  3. You can't always get what you want, and that's just fine:)

  4. So often, in our present-day world situations and my heart-breaking views, ALL I can do, could do, is worship the Lord, trust HIM, not focus on anything/anyone else. Eventually, Truth will be placed right before our eyes... forever. [That's my hope, desire, belief.]

  5. Dear Hazel
    I have found that our Pappa God has given us everything in our Lord Jesus: his love, joy, peace, etc. all the spiritual blessings, but we too often are more interested in the physical ones!! Over via Charlotte's.


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