Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Don’t Lift Your Head

Crystal Chandelier
courtesy photobucket.com
You have heard it said; those were the “Famous Last Words.”  This is what happened many years ago at the new home we were building that overlooked the Pleasanton Valley. 

We had carefully selected the lighting for each room, and for our dining room table we wanted a crystal chandelier to suspend over the table. 

The fixture was a special order and had to come from Europe where these gorgeous hanging lights were beautifully crafted.

Everything was going smoothly, and although the carpets were not yet installed, our lovely chandelier arrived. 

The electrician installed it and warned us that it needed a chair placed under it and a sign not to raise your head while under the light.

We were staying in a motor home on site while the construction was going on, so we had a careful watch for each phase of the building.

A truck from the carpet supply arrived the next day, and we rushed out to instruct the installer about the dining area.  “Please do NOT lift your head while you install the carpet in that area.”  

The gentlemen said he understood and would be careful not to do so.

By now you have guessed what happened soon after.  Yes, for some unexplained reason, the installer forgot all about the warning as he reached to answer his cell phone. 

The entire chandelier was not completely damaged, but several of the crystals were broken, which resulted in needing to replace the order, and wait many more weeks.  Finally we were pleased and happy to be able to move into our new home.

In life there are many warnings of danger, some are written, some are verbal and many are simply known by our inward conscience. 

The answer as to why these warnings are not heeded is simple in that, we believe we are the one who these bad things will not happen to.  It will be the next person, not us.

Many foolishly believe if they do enough good deeds, it will out weigh their bad behavior and God will allow them into heaven.  They fail to go to the Bible and seek for truth.

Moses gave us Ten Commandments but Jesus gave us one; to Love the Lord our God with all our heart, and to love your neighbor as much as you do yourself.  If we obey this one, we will automatically be obeying the ten. 
Yet this will not give us access into heaven!  Jesus proclaimed that HE was the way to the Father.

Paul reminded us to believe on Jesus and all that he did for us, and we would be saved from destruction.

Believe on Jesus and be saved - - how simple is that?  To many those will be the “Famous Last Words,” that they will hear. 

A wise person will pay attention now.

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  1. Lovely illustration, Hazel! The Gospel is so simple that a child can grasp it and be saved -- and so simple that many reject it because of their foolish pride.
    God bless,

  2. Wow... Those really will be the last and most famous last words... I never though of that. Powerful. I marvel at the people who claim the ridiculous claim that if THEY are good enough... As if THEY are equal to God and can state what is acceptable for eternal life... If they have that much power I ask them, "Why don't you just speak yourself to live forever?" Sadly, few grasp it... Good post, Hazel. You got me thinking... Again!

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