Sunday, March 31, 2013

Christmas is Fulfilled

Jesus is Alive
Pastor Jerry read from Mark 16:1-8 about the women bringing spices to anoint the body of Jesus and their puzzled questions, “Who will roll away the stone for us, because it is very heavy?” 
I gleaned from his sermon and will share an edited version here.

When the women arrived at the tomb they discovered the stone had been rolled away and a young man in a white robe sat inside and spoke, “He is not here for he has risen as he said.  Go and tell the others that Jesus is alive and will meet with them in Galilee.”  The terrified women hardly dared to believe, yet they went and did as they were told.

The followers of Jesus were grieving and hiding, and believed all was lost.  They did not remember the hints that Jesus had shared with them; that this would truly happen; he would die and in three days He would rise again.

Pastor reminded us of the Christmas story, and the angel‘s message, “And you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins.”  Jesus was born to save us.

Christmas was the beginning of the promise that was first given to Adam and Eve in the garden and introduced us to a new hope.  Good things were to come, a Savior was born.

To every promise there must be a recipient.  Promises and vows are given at a marriage ceremony, in business, in school, in life - - one gives and one receives.

Jesus Christ was born to save and completed his part of the promise.  Our part is to receive him as our Lord and savior and invite Him into our life.

The world has offered substitutes for Christmas: Santa Clause, rain deer, candy canes, and also for Easter: bunnies, colored eggs, baskets filled with treats, and spring fashions.

Pastor gave an illustration of a man looking at the names on the Vietnam wall searching for his uncle’s name.  There he discovered his own name entered there in error, for he was alive and well. He said, “I must be one of the living dead!”

Some today are “living dead” as they have not received newness of Spiritual life from Jesus.  They are dead in their sins, but Jesus calls for them to receive the promise of life.

Jesus referred to pain at birth and the memory is soon past when the child is held in the mother’s arms.  The pain of the crucifixion was real.  The struggle of good and evil is real. 
Evil is alive and real and we see it all around us.  We hear it on the news and read about it in the paper.  The earth groans, and at times we are confused about the future.

We may be in mourning, and having problems, but do not fear or be puzzled.  He promises to be with us, what ever comes our way.

Easter is a wake up call, the promise of Christmas is fulfilled, that Jesus is alive and because He lives, we too may live. 

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  1. I like that - the promise of Christmas fulfilled. I am so glad he rose again! We now have HOPE eternal.

    Happy week!

    Blessings and so glad to find your post.

  2. The thing that we fear the most, He has done for us. Death has no sting to us now. We don't live in fear like the living dead. May it show in our lives and how we reach the lost world with great compassion. "It is done."


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