Thursday, July 18, 2013

Butter the Real Thing

Vintage Butter Churn

Holding up a pint glass mason jar before the first grade class, our teacher poured it half full of whipping cream.

She was giving us a learning experience that we would all participate in and then profit therewith.

Her instructions were for us to take turns shaking the jar, and then pass it on to the child next to us.

She had been teaching us about the farm, and all the animals found there. 
Naturally a cow was one of the important members of the farm and the cow produced milk which many of us drank at least a glass a day. 

Most of us were only familiar with the glass bottles of milk left on our porch by the milk man, and on this day we were going to learn about butter.

Each student faithfully shook the jar and we watched carefully as small curds began to form at the bottom of the glass bottle.

Finally our teacher informed us that we had made butter from the cream and now we were all going to enjoy a reward for our labor.

She produced a tray where she had carefully set out, small crackers, one for each member of our class.

Carefully our teacher took a small knife, and spreading a little dab on each cracker, she then passed them around to each of our class mates.

I remember thinking how good real butter tasted, because up to then, at our house we were only served margarine, a butter substitute.

Today my thoughts are about the real thing, be it faith, hope, love, or even religion.

Although I realize Christians must walk by faith, there are many times when I want to see and feel and know the real Jesus. 

I do not want to settle for a substitute faith in the false be it an idol, king, ruler, or even another god of some sort.

How can we know truth and the real from the false?  Not always, but often it is by an experience. 

We have participated in seeking, learning, and maybe shaking the jar a bit.

Then there is the taste.  Oh that sweet taste, when we enjoy the real and we know - - that we know it is real.

Psalms 4:8  O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

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  1. I'm stopping by from Happy Friday Blog Hop. I'm now following you please follow back when you get the time Evoluchun's Miscellaneous

  2. A wonderful object lesson. We do like our butter around here, and have at times made it ourselves. I have my eyes peeled for a churn, in hopes it will help motivate us to do it more often.

  3. Awesome analogy, Hazel. Sometimes a shake up while uncomfortable is for the best... and His cream rises to the top. I use to drink milk like water when I could.

  4. Awesome analogy, Hazel. I'm with you, I want the real deal and sometimes a shake up is needed for His cream to rise to the top...

  5. Hazel this was such a good read this morning. How I long to taste the real also, to be real, to discern real, to encouraged others to be real. Thanks for the timely thoughts.


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