Thursday, July 11, 2013

Power in Agreement

Praying a Prayer of Agreement
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Years ago, one of our local High school History teachers, a proclaimed Jewish Atheist, was taking the summer off to travel to Europe.

Before he left on his trip, one of his History students handed him a small Gospel of John and suggested that he might enjoy reading it for history’s sake.

What happened was our professor, became marvelously born again sometime into the reading of this anointed Word from God.

Why he and his wife Inger, selected our church to begin their spiritual journey I am not certain, but we did have several young people in our church, who were his students including our daughter Nancy.

Soon, our pastor requested Art to give a short testimony about his conversion - - afterwards a group of us stood outside the church before returning home.

One of our gentlemen friends make an off the cuff remark to me about our new member, “He won’t last!”

“What do you mean, He won’t last,” I asked the gentleman.

“He will soon backslide and go back to his old ways of thinking,” said our friend.

Well that riled me up a bit, as I did not like that kind of prophecy, so I spoke up and said - - -
“NOT if YOU and I have anything to do with it! 
You and I are going to build a wall around him, and He will stand and do exploits for Jesus, if you are willing to agree.”

My friend was caught off guard by my protest, and I continued.  “What time in the morning is good for you? 

How about 7:00 am each morning, you and I will agree to say a one minute prayer to cover Art’s thoughts and his walk with Jesus for that day?

We will pray something like this:  “Lord, I bring Art before you today and ask that you will surround him with your angels, and keep his feet from falling.  Give him strength to stand and to place deep roots into his new found faith.”

My friend had opened his mouth, and now he needed to commit and so reluctantly he did.  We agreed that 7:00 am was a good time for a one minute prayer, so we continued all that month and into the next. 
Each week, I asked him, “Are you still agreeing?” and Yes was his answer.”
Later our new friend Art, became a fiery evangelist, and won many souls to the Lord. 
Was it our prayers? 
I'm not certain that we could take credit for Art standing true, but my negative friend learned a good lesson and so did I.

 Deuteronomy 32:30 a
How should one put a thousand to flight, and two put ten thousand to flight - -

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  1. Powerful stuff, Hazel - and how gently you rebuked and restored your brother into living their beliefs instead of it being just so much "religion". Don't forget to put this on Facebook!

  2. How cool is that! I love your heart and perspective, Hazel. If something needs to get done you're the first one to roll up her sleeves. How I respect that, my friend. Thanks for sharing the story and the power of prayer.

  3. By the way, Hazel "I just love your new book.. It makes me smile"
    Love, Vicki K

  4. "Oh Hazel love your books, enjoy them so much. All those that I gave as gifts of your first book are so happy to know your second one is here! Hugs to you today" Vicki K


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