Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Goals Ever Changing

Reaching the Goal
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My goal was to enter college and get a degree,
Then I met a man, a Godly man,
He wanted to marry me!
My plans for college went astray,
Quickly a change of goals,
Instead we were married on a December day.
New plans, new goals together,
Days, weeks and months passed,
It seemed I was to become a Mother.
Goals for living, goals for life,
Hard times, getting by,
No time for strife!
Goals to lead my family to know God,
Their personal choice and decision,
Out of my hands, their own path to trod!
God’s goals; His desire that all may seek Him,
To come of a free will,
To choose wisely and not on a whim!
Do make it your goal to reach God in Heaven,
Receive the Loving Savior,
Be warned to avoid the leaven.
Setting Spiritual Goals at any age,
Will place you on the upward path,
In God’s Book your name is written on His Holy page!

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Sharon said...

Oh Hazel! I loved this! And I just loved the last stanza. Yes, of all the things that are important in life, there is NOTHING that surpasses the joy of being written in the Book of Life!

Oh, what a wonderful Savior.


Floyd said...

You never fail to surprise me! That's an awesome poem and summary of a life well lived with the proper perspective. I like the reminder that God calls us to continue to set spiritual goals as we strive for His will... there is no greater purpose in life... Thanks, Hazel.

Unknown said...

I love this Hazel. i dd not hold bitterness in your heart for your change but embrace it in Jesus name.