Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Compassion and Living Water

Treat for the Workers

 Before I retired from my job, there were times when my husband Robert, would surprise our team and cook up a big breakfast.

Usually there were co-workers from other departments who would venture into the upstairs kitchen, so Robert began to bring larger amounts. 
Fried potatoes, sausage patties, scrambled eggs were the usual menu.  Robert used large aluminum baking pans to bring his treat.

One day the sausage pan dripped some grease on the kitchen floor.  Grabbing some paper towels I wiped it up, but not quite good enough. 

Carol skipped into the kitchen, hoping to find some food left; she stepped on a speck of the grease, slid and fell down and hit her knee. 

Holding back tears, she managed to pull herself up and over to a chair.  That day she was wearing a dress instead of her usual pants suit, and I could see her knee was beginning to swell.

Suddenly compassion flooded my being, along with guilt for having been partially the cause of the accident - - and I reached out my hand and covered her knee with my palm. Softly I said, “Jesus we need your help.”

Instantly her red knee returned to a normal color, and the swelling receded.  Carol exclaimed, “It doesn’t hurt any more.”

God was good, and although miracles are not an everyday occurrence, there are times when God will place his hand over our hurting flesh and with compassion remove the pain, bringing back the normal.

As I read online a Charisma Magazine devotional by Rod Parsley,  he reminded us that God can use even the least of his children to do his bidding.  It is important to not only be willing and ready but to be prepared spiritually.

He said in part: “We are God's agents in the earth, and He desires to manifest His miracle-working power through us. But in order to be used, you must not only be willing to be used, you must also be ready to be used.

Don't wait until you need a miracle to start polishing your vessel. Prepare your vessel by keeping your spirit strong in the Word, in prayer, and in fellowship with your Father.

Pour into me, O Lord, Your living waters.
I am ready to receive today all that You
desire to pour into me and out of me.

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  1. "But in order to be used, you must not only be willing to be used, you must also be ready to be used." - That says a lot in few words, Hazel!

  2. Thanks for sharing this beautiful miracle moment Hazel. It's always so incredible when our Lord hears our prayers and heals. I'm sure it was very encouraging for you and Carol experiencing it, and now for others reading about it. Love this thought especially: "Don't wait until you need a miracle to start polishing your vessel."

  3. I always appreciate that your first instinct is to turn and trust in the Lord. That says so much about being prepared. It is His power and our obedience. Great story.

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  5. How often I have missed the opportunity to pray at a given moment. What a blessing Hazel you were there to give comfort and take her to the Lord...

  6. Miracles happens everyday to those who believed both unseen an seen. Thank you for the inspiration and for a witness for God.
    Sharing today my true to life story in your Link:)


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