Thursday, August 1, 2013

Paul the Roofer

When you are in the construction business, the Material Supply House is a good place to meet other contractors and make good contacts.

One day my husband met a gentleman named Paul, and he said out right that he was a Christian, and needed some help. 

Paul had been selling small repair jobs and doing his own work, and he also mentioned that he had a large family of six to feed.

Now Paul had some larger orders he could sell, but he had a big problem. 

For some reason, he had not been able to pass the State Contractors Test and obtain his own license to do jobs that required the entire roof to be replaced. 

He proposed an idea to my husband and promised to give him a percentage of the payment if he could use our contracts to sell his larger jobs.  We would pay him to install the roof and give him a commission for the sale.  He promised to collect and we would not need to bill his customers.

My husband felt sorry for him and told him, “Let’s give it a try and see how it goes.”

All went well for a time, until one lady did not pay for her roof.  Paul said she was recently widowed and hoped she would make payments. 

We billed her and waited, and waited. 
Finally the lady wrote us and said she had no money, but she had a buildable lot in Los Angeles that she would deed over to us if we would accept it as payment for her roof.

Paul agreed not to take a commission, and we agreed to accept the vacant lot.  Many years later when a real estate broker contacted us, we sold the lot for the price of the roof.

Then one day, it happened.  We received a phone call about one of the roofs Paul had installed.  It was leaking. 

Our records did not show that Paul had turned in this roofing job to us.  I took all the information from the lady, and told her we would take care of it.

Robert and I had a discussion, and it was decided that Robert would give me the job to “FIRE” Paul.  Thanks a Lot Robert!

I phoned Paul and asked him to come to our home/office as there was something we needed to discuss. 

When he arrived, I asked him to tell me about the roof for Mrs. Jones (not her real name.)

His face reddened and I could tell he knew all about it.  “Paul, you have not been truthful, and our only option is to break our agreement with you, and leave you on your own. 
I told him that Robert was not very happy with this latest event, and we hoped that he would try again to get his own license.  "We forgive you, but we can NO longer do business with you, and we wish you well."

In life we hope to be able to trust others, but there are times when we are deceived, and betrayed. 
Jesus was betrayed by his close friend, but he forgave and went on to fulfill his assignment. 
May we learn to forgive and go on and complete the work we have been given.

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  1. Beautiful story of trust and forgiveness Hazel. Often the people we are led to help, let us down. But, thank God for the built-in plan of forgiveness God has provided. Because He so lovingly forgave us, we can now forgive others. Our Lord thought of everything, didn't He?

  2. I know that sting. It's a sometimes daily reminder of the fallen world. As much as we do to try to protect and guard against the crooks and thieves, they're always there, like leeches trying to take what isn't theres. I appreciate your professionalism and manner... I haven't been quite so courteous. Then again, I haven't sent any of the crooks to jail either. God watches over us. The main thing for me is to not let these kind of people infect me with cynicism.

  3. Great story, being able to forgive others is so important. If God can forgive us we should show the same grace and mercy to those around us.

  4. I bet that Paul never forgets you and your husband, people who showed him forgiveness. I had not thought about this for ages, but I remember a young couple we sold a car too years ago and they never paid us. We tried to find them but couldn't just to tell them, hey we forgive you the debt. Good post Hazel

    So sorry it did not work out to stop buy and see you. We visited two missionaries that day. Next time we are near I will call ahead a couple of days. Sorry if we inconvenient you any.

  5. Hi Hazel! I am coming over from Intentional Me.

    Yikes. That must have been hard. I hope you felt ok facing him by yourself. It was very generous of you to offer your forgiveness. I think he turned red for a reason....

    Nice to meet you today!

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