Saturday, August 10, 2013

Something Nice

Something Nice
Our old house with its upstairs extra two bedrooms, and the spacious downstairs had been a haven for me and for our children as they progressed through grade school and graduated from high school. 

It was here that different ones came to stay for a short time, or for a long while.  The house was conveniently located near schools, shopping, and a short walk to our church. 
We started our business here, until the neighbors complained about our big truck parked in front of our house. 
Then we were able to purchase a shop with a yard, near the freeway and store supplies and park our expanding line of trucks and equipment.

My husband began to do work for a builder who was also an architect.  Robert suggested that this was an honest man and he had an eye for beauty, comfort and detail in building a house.

One day Robert came home very excited.  He declared that he had found the perfect lot in the foothills and we and Mr. Frazer were going to build us a new house. 
Becky and I drove up to view the lot and we both began to find fault.  It was on a down slope, and it seemed very narrow.

Honestly, I must tell you that I was NOT happy, because I loved my old house and did not want to leave it.

So I decided that I would put a stop on the new house situation. 
No one was home and I was alone, so I knelt down by our sofa, and began to pray.  “Dear Lord, Please change Robert’s mind and cause this not to come to pass.”

What happened next was something I did not expect.  It was not an audible voice, but I knew it was God speaking to me.  He began, “Hazel, have not I been good to you?”

I replied, “Yes, you have?” 

“Have I not done nice things for you?”  

Again I answered, “Yes you have.”

Then God said, “Is it alright with you, if I do something nice for your husband?” 
I was ready to say "Yes," and I did.
When Robert came home that night, I told him what God and said, and that I was ready to move.

So it was after some obstacles, but not that many, we moved into our new house.

Truth be told, I was selfish, and was not open to the fact that my hard working husband needed to be a part in building this house.  For him this was a dream come true.

Is God speaking to you to allow your loved one to follow their dream and you have been dragging your heels.    
Do encourage your loved one to pursue what God is showing them to do.

Yes, Let God do something nice for your loved one.

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  1. Wow! How all spouses, male and female need to read this!!! And God continues to bless you as you seek Him in all things. You're the best, Hazel!

  2. Dear sweet Hazel
    My husband is going to England for a conference in September and I cannot go with for it is too expensive! I also wanted to complain to our Pappa, but was also put in my place very quickly!
    Love to you XX

  3. Thank you for sharing this today. Blessings!

  4. Beautiful. Isn't amazing when God speaks to our heart?


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