Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Spoiled Babies Repost

Buck Drinking Indoors !
Young babies learning to communicate will often point to an object they want and expect you to give it to them. 
Funny thing is our dogs have learned to point also.

During some very hot days, we bring our three dogs into the house and they are assigned to some area rugs.  One of those very warm days, we filled a pan with water and allowed them to have a nice drink because they were panting from the heat.

The very next day, our dog Luke began to stand in front of the sink and point to the faucet, indicating that he wanted a drink from the indoor water pan.

You might say we spoil our dogs, because we complied with his wishes. 

Now all three dogs enjoy getting a drink indoors from time to time.

When they are outside, they have a nice dog water bucket but we also daily fill a small hard plastic wading pool with water.  Wouldn’t you know it?  They prefer to drink from the wading pool.

Dogs are fun and funny too, just like we humans are.  Although they are spoiled, there are times when I also feel spoiled. 

My husband and my children are good to me, and so is the Lord.  I must always remember to be thankful and grateful for kindness, goodness, and mercy shown to me.

If there is something that you need from God, do not point, but rather speak distinctly and tell Him like it is. 

He is mindful of your needs, but He desires you to speak up.   

Of course, do voice your thanksgiving praises while you wait and also after you have received.

“You have not because you ask not.”
Shared with Gail at T.G.I.F. and Bible Love notes



Joy said...

Thankful for God's blessing. So adorable pets you have:)

Betty Jo said...

What a precious post about your doggies Hazel. Our posts today are somewhat similar, about receiving from Him. I especially like this: I must always remember to be thankful and grateful for kindness, goodness, and mercy shown to me.

Floyd said...

Oh man. Great analogy, Hazel. We tend to point or expect our Father to answer our prayers and desires when we don't ask Him in reverence. We point like spoiled children... at least dogs can't talk! Good one...

Wise Hearted said...

Hazel, just read your comment over at Floyd's. So glad you did not have evacuate. Have you had to before. You need for us to pray for safety for you and hubby. Would love to have a dog but with all the traveling we do it's not in the picture right now...when we retire , if we retire. Blessings