Monday, August 5, 2013

Al the Salesman

Roofing Salesman
Our roofing business was doing well, and customers were referring us to their neighbors.  We were also doing some subcontracting and our blue Roofing trucks were being recognized as they drove around the city.

So what did we need with a salesman?

One day, my husband Robert made a quick stop at the Material house.  While he was there a man named Al, introduced himself and said, “I am going to be your salesman.”

My husband was taken back a bit, and he told the gentleman, that he did not need a salesman. 
“Let me put it to you this way,” said Al, our new salesman.  “I know there are older subdivisions, just a few miles from here, with 20 year old roofs that are wearing out . 

If you will tell me how much you can do those roofs for, I will add enough for my commission and start selling jobs there for you - - like hot cakes.

Then I will be there so the customer can see me “Supervise the job,” and I will collect when the job is done and give you the check.  
While I am there, I will canvass near by neighbors and tell them we are prepared to give them the best job for the best price for their new roof.   I will be your leg man and the customers will be happy for the personal touch.”  My husband gave him a price we could do the jobs for and Al was pleased.

Al did everything that he said he would do.  He sold, collected the payments, took his cut, and acted like he was the owner. 
Many of the customers thought it was Al’s roofing business and they were delighted to have such good service.  Al made himself at home for each job, and the customers would fix him coffee and cake and sometimes lunch.

He was a great salesman, and he did well with his commissions.  Half went to his wife, and the other half secretly went into the trunk of his car, which he considered a safe hiding place.

For many years Al worked with and for us until one day he was injured when his motorcycle slid and he fell hurting his back.  He never fully recovered from that accident and his salesman career was over. 

I talked with him one day about his soul, and his answer was, “I am a good person, an honest man, never hurt anyone, and I am not worried.” 
I explained to Al, that there was only one way into heaven and that was through accepting Jesus Christ. 

My words fell on deaf ears because Al thought he could even convince God that he was qualified if it came to that.

I know there are death bed conversions, and that was my only hope for Al the Salesman.

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  1. I'm fascinated by people who believe they have the wisdom and power to be able to say what's good enough to get them eternal life. If they have the strength and wisdom to call the shots on them going to heaven then I suggest to them that they may as well use that strength and majesty to make their soul live forever... few grasp it... All we can do is pray, I know you did for Al and for more than we could count...

  2. Al was exactly like my father, believing that he was good enough and wasn't worried. My father died in a nursing home, during an evacuation due to a hurricane, all alone. To this day I don't know if he ever changed his belief and adopted what we shared with him about Jesus - the only true way. My only hope for him now is that he possibly had a death bed confession. Someday I'll know if my prayers were answered for my father; and yours, for Al.

  3. Some people think they can "make the sale" with God.
    Some of us might be fooled here...but He won't be tricked by smooth talk.

  4. It is hard to see someone who is ignorant of God's holiness. If we could be good enough, why did Jesus die on the cross?

    Thanks for visiting from TGIF!

  5. I suppose Al thought he was tucking away his good deeds like that extra money in his trunk.
    I'm glad you had the opportunity to share with him and pray he made a decision before he died.


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