Saturday, July 13, 2013

Whew it is Warm in Here

Making a Visit

Our church encouraged volunteers to visit the new people, so I asked my teen age daughter Nancy to go with me to visit the school teacher and his wife, Inger. 

Nancy was in his history class in high school, so she was pleased to go with me.

We knocked on their apartment door, and when Inger saw it was us, she threw the door wide open and welcomed us in.

Up to then, all was well, but it was a hot evening, and sometimes when it is just you and your spouse, you can dress or undress how ever you like.

Art was reading the news paper while he sat comfortably in his easy chair in his tee shirt and boxer shorts!

Immediately he exclaimed loudly to his wife, the impropriety of opening the door so quickly while he was in his present situation.  He also shouted, “This was one of his students,” and it was quite embarrassing to him.
We understood, and stepped back out into the hall while proper clothing was applied.

Now you might not know that Inger was from Denmark, and culture is quite different there.  She though nothing of wearing less on a hot evening and in front of company – what was the big deal?

Within a few minutes all was fine, and we had a nice visit,  I believe that short awkward visit endeared them to us and us to them. 

One thing we learned about our visit is that it is wise to phone ahead and let the people know that in about an hour you will be in their neighborhood and will stop by for a short visit.

When it was time to leave, we gave them one of the church weekly magazines, and encouraged them to come early next Sunday for the Sunday school classes.

In a church if only the worship service is attended, it is difficult to make friends with the people.  The small groups of Sunday school classes, was a place for questions, discussion and encouragement as we studied the Bible and prayed together.

As I think back about that rather small church, there were many friends made there, and we still keep in touch with many by e-mail or letter.

Some of our old friends have already gone to glory, even Art has left this earth. 

However we expect to be reunited with a large host at the heavenly fellowship hall one of these days.

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  1. "In a church if only the worship service is attended, it is difficult to make friends with the people."

    The only way to have a friend is to be one - hard to do when all we do in worship services is nod a greeting across the aisle or shake a hand or ten during the greeting. Even if the visit started out a little awkward, the impact is what counts :)

    Great post, Hazel!

  2. I'll have to raz Nancy about this! Had to be awkward for you as well! You're a person of action, Hazel. The living example of how Christ lived while walking in a soul cage. It is about action. Words are good, maybe even a heads up before popping over, but action is where the rubber meets the road... so to speak. Or souls meet the sidewalk... you know what I mean!

    Great post, Hazel.


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