Sunday, March 8, 2015



Live Like Jesus Died !

Pastor Allan opened with the statement, “It is amazing what God will do if you give him permission.”  He stated that he was excited to be here this morning and we need to understand that he goes through trials just like all of us.

By the grace of God, you may be in recovery, but know we just need to stay humble and allow Jesus to continue to work in our lives.

Pastor shared how this week he has been studying about the Cross.  The purpose of the cross was to free mankind.  It was a necessary event.

We need to learn to live like Christ died.  The way he died will set the tone as to how we should live.  It was not a simple death.  Christ had been beaten, ridiculed, crowned with thorns and nailed to a cross.  His disciples were afraid and wept from afar.

1. Jesus looked into the future and he saw you and me.  He said, “Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing.”

As we walk the streets in our city and view those who are lost, may we also repeat those words, Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing.”

It is simple and easy to receive Christ, but to follow the way He died is sometimes hard.

We carry all those hurts and burdens of those who have hurt us and it may be difficult, but we must forgive them.

It was necessary for Christ to die so that we might live.  It is because of Jesus that we may have eternal life.  The alternate is eternal death.

We have those who have done us wrong and stepped on our toes, but we need to learn to live the way Jesus died.  He died forgiving those who were killing him.

Jesus Christ is our example, and we need supernatural help to forgive.  In the flesh we are helpless to let stuff go.  Less of me and more of Christ.

Before we can go out and minister we must be able to forgive.

2.     Jesus had priorities which included his family.  He was concerned about his mother and told her, "Behold your son," as he also spoke to John, saying, "Behold your mother."  We are our brother’s keeper and family is important.

3.     Even as Jesus hung on the cross he was willing to save a lost thief when the thief begged to be remembered.  Jesus told him, “This day you shall be with me in Paradise." 
 Pastor said, often as he prepares to study and organize his sermon, he is interrupted, by a knock on the door, or a phone call.  These disturbances hit a nerve at times, “Can’t you see I am busy?” then he realizes he is sent to minister to people even those who disturb his peace.  We all fall short, we want healing, prosperity, success, but there are some things we don’t want to do, one is to forgive.

4.     I thirst," said Jesus.  We too must thirst for righteous sake and for the living water that quenches our parched spirit.

5.     My God why have you forsaken me?  There are times we feel God must not be listening, or has turned his back on us.  “Where are you God?  When will you show up?”  There are things in life that are messed up and we feel separated because of all the stuff.  Understand God is there and has not forsaken you.

6.     It is finished.  Christ had accomplished what He had been sent to do.  No turning back to the old life because we are done with it.  We try to go back to the old hurts and chew on them, but the taste is foul.  Like Jesus we must cry out “I am done with the old, my life is yours and I am committed to your will.

May we live Like Jesus died, always willing to forgive.


  1. Hi Hazel, this morning I read from Romans and God opened my eyes to see how much Jesus had done for us. His Loving Kindness has given us the life of freedom in Christ. Thank you God Bless.

  2. Love the wisdom in this quote: “It is amazing what God will do if you give him permission.” Thank you you that your blog is a place where truth lives & for visiting me at Doorkeeper. Blessings

  3. Excellent reminder, Hazel. I too get grumpy with the ones God puts in my path sometimes... The flesh is indeed weak and it does take His supernatural power to forgive and overcome it.

  4. All I can do is rely upon Him, Hazel. In our present-day world it's a real challenge to just smile and be nice at everyone. Turning to the Lord, day-by-day, is all I can do. I count on Him. And I hope to truly obey Him. That's all that counts. Bless you...

  5. When I miss, a lesson at church no matter where or what church I attend. I can count on the fact someone like you will post the teaching.
    Often times makes me wish I hadn't missed it. I always seem to want more. I am so grateful to have such Love and adoration, of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.
    Again Thank You!


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