Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sharing Left Overs

Left Overs are Still Good !!

At our house, we often have left over food from dinner and store it away in the refrigerator for another day.  Left overs are good and not to be wasted. 

May I suggest if you find something really good for you spiritually, that you share it with someone even if you might consider it to be “Left Over.” 

Many years ago, I heard Kenneth Copeland say when he was a new preacher without a sermon, that he would listen to tapes by Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin, and memorize them word for word.  That is how he got his start until he could begin to glean from the scriptures and come up with something on his own. (practically on his own.)   

I said all that to say this - - -. 

I heard a really good sermon on Sunday and posted it to my blog.  See it here - I named it -  LIVE LIKE JESUS DIED.   

Next I saved it to a word document and printed at least two copies cause I knew that God was showing me what to do with them. 

My 19 year old Grandson is a member of the LDS (Mormon) church, and is on a mission in Texas.  Prior to this he was headed in a wrong direction, and the leaders called him aside and gave him a talking to.  He drastically changed and became a different person. 
Each time I talk to my Grandson, I tell him to always put Jesus first.  Anyway, each week I send him a letter (cause he loves to get mail.)  The letter I just mailed includes Sundays sermon and usually one of my stories and some words from “grandma.” (me) 

I was on a mission today one of my own.  I have a black friend who I have picked up and taken her to church for several years.  When I left the formal church I was attending, I told her why, but she was not happy.  She called my husband and told him she wanted me to take her to the “old church.”  He told her that she and I would need to work that out, as it was between us and not him.

So today I visited her with a copy of Sundays sermon, and when she came out of her cottage, I gave her the paper copy of the sermon, and ran over all the high points.  What a blessed time I had preaching “Left Overs.”
Oh Yes, I told her, "I will take you to the old church, and leave you, and one of the nice ladies can take you home.  OR you can go with me - - to Open Door."

I told her to call me on Saturday and let me know what SHE decides to do. 

Then I called my daughter in the afternoon and let her know some things going on with us, and told her about this sermon.  I gave her some “Left Overs” and they were still tasty. 

So what is the bottom line here? 

Yes, go ahead and copy and print that sermon “Live Like Jesus Died,” cause it is actually FRESH - -  and share it with someone. 
Go ahead and preach it my friend. 

Then put it into practice for yourself.


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  1. When you first mentioned pastors Copeland and Hagin, it grabbed me. I saw both of them. Here in Omaha and down in Oklahoma. Never for forgot them. Thanks for sharing.


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