Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Now Is the Time - by Guest Kathi Pelton

(Photo: One Nation Under God by Mike De Lorenzo)
 Now Is the Time

Now is the time that God is calling the United States of America to align with His plans and purposes.
Now is the time to begin to fulfill the dream in God's heart to have His family in America come together in unity to release the sound of His voice into the nation.

Now is the time to see His righteous government render the judgment of mercy within our borders. Now is the time to put our trust in the Strength of the Lord rather than the strength of our nation.

I believe that God will lead many throughout the nation to gather together to worship and pray for our nation, and for all the nations of the earth.
These will be family gatherings where we come with one heart to worship and humble ourselves before our faithful Father God as His children.
We aren't coming with a cause, or our own agendas, but are responding to His longing and invitation for His family to gather as one.

Listen for the sound of His voice and the beat of His heart inviting you to gather family and friends for times of worship and prayer.
God is calling His faithful remnant forth to stand for our nation and for all the nations. Now is the time to respond to His invitation.

Kathi Pelton
Email: jkpelton@sbcglobal.net
Website: oceansinthedesert.com


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