Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fools Day – Be Wise and not a Fool


This past Sunday, during the worship time, a small baby sparrow flew over the heads of the congregation.  It would settle on one of the wall ledges, catching its breath before taking flight again.
One other time at a Woman’s Missionary conference a sparrow flew in and seemed to be right at home.  Our Women's leader claimed that a sparrow shows God’s approval, I’m not sure if that was true but it sounded nice.

Jesus did speak about little things being important including the birds of the air.
During the Pastor's sermon, I take notes, but when I write them up, I try to fit them all on one “Micro Soft Word” page.  A long post is usually not read, so I edit and digest the sermon.   

There was a couple of things in Sunday’s sermon, Living in His Presence - - I did not mention and they were important.  Click on the Title above to review the sermon. 

Pastor Allan stated that not that long ago, here in our city, many establishments closed on Christmas and major holidays.  Even on Sunday many were closed to allow their employees to attend church.  Today it is difficult to find any store closed on Sunday. 

Pastor Allan mentioned a certain person took a job but stated that under no circumstances would he work on Sunday.  The boss said he was okay with that - - but one day the boss came to the man and said, I have an emergency, and I really need you to work next Sunday, but I promise it won’t happen again. 
The man thought for awhile, and determined that perhaps “Just this once,” it would be okay to break his vow to not work on Sunday. 

What happened was the man lost his Christian testimony to the Boss and to all the other employees.   

Once you have taken that first step towards sin, the next step is so much easier.  It is that way with temptation in all its forms.   

Pastor said, “The Bible says Liquor is a curse.”  Not in those words, but it says it like this.  “Wine is a mocker and strong drink is raging and those who are deceived by them are NOT wise.”  
The words are soft, but the meaning is you are a fool if you partake of alcoholic drinks.

Today being April Fool's day, It was suggested by a friend that we could make it a day to celebrate Atheists.  Since the Bible says, "The Fool has said in his heart there is NO God.
Let us all be wise and not as some who are practicing being - -  not so wise.



Hi Hazel, the title of your post made me read this article first. I was about to read the article for Easter.
The bird flying over story and the woman's comment made me laugh!
OK, there are always lots of wisdom in the 'Fools Day Advice'. Wine is did a mocker.
God Bless and Happy Easter.

Betty Draper said...

It's my one daily request from the Lord to give me wisdom to follow Him.

caryjo said...

I am a bird addict. I love to see them and plan on them to keep us carefully when heading to heaven. My world has been so full of sinfulness...but heaven is a wonderful place to go to and having the birds go with me will be a real treat! Thanks for sharing.