Saturday, April 4, 2015

Make an Exchange - by guest Rod Parsley

Jesus Took Our Sin - He Died and was Raised again, to Bring us His Life

Now the sojourning of the children of Israel, who dwelt in Egypt was four hundred and thirty years. —Exodus 12:40
Life is a process of exchange. We enter to leave, go up to come down, give to receive, and die to live.

God wants to make some exchanges in your life. He wants to lead you out of bondage and into your Promised Land.

The status quo is your greatest enemy of the cause of Christ.

The Israelites were comfortable in Egypt and soon begged to go back.

But your abundance is tied to the process of exchange.

God wants you to exchange the bondage of your Egypt for the abundance of His Promised Land.

He wants to bring you out of the kingdom of the world and into His glorious kingdom.

Don't stay in bondage another day. Determine to break through the boundaries the devil has raised up around you.

Exchange your way of doing things for God's, and go forward with Him into your Promised Land.

Lord Jesus, I exchange everything I am and have for all of You.
I exchange my bondage for Your freedom.
Thank You, Lord, for the grace
of exchanging my sin for Your Righteousness



Lux G. said...

And the greatest exchange was His death for our lives, His suffering for our glory. What an amazing God we have! :)

Happy Easter, dear!

Pamela said...

A beautiful invitation. I always thought if people could just get a taste of the freedom Christ offers, they'd run towards Him. Have a blessed Resurrection Day!