Thursday, May 28, 2015

Birthdays Come Once a Year

A few days ago, Friday May 22 to be exact, was my 84th Birthday.  My Daughter Judie has been wanting to visit my new church so we conversed on Face Book.  Her long time friend Judy who calls me Aunt Hazel also wanted to come and bring her good friend Liz and my daughter decided my Birthday week end would be a good time. 
My daughter Judie expanded the celebration by saying she wanted to take me to Bethel Redding for the Friday night service and attend the healing rooms Saturday morning from 9:00 am to 12:01 pm.  Her friends were up for the entire package too. 

On Friday my daughter Becky had returned home from a wedding, so she and my granddaughter Ashley joined the four of us at Tong Fong Low in our city.  What a joyous time we had and more food than we could eat.  We returned home first and told my husband Robert to enjoy Chinese tonight.  
Robert said, this is a girl thing so go and have fun.

Soon the four of us headed for Bethel, Redding, California where Chris Gore was the Friday night speaker.  The worship time was tremendous as the Holy Spirit moved even in the overflow room where we were assigned as the auditorium was full to capacity. 
We visited the gift shop and I purchased a book by Mark Chironna, “The Panoramic SEER, Bringing the Prophetic into the Healing Anointing.”

You might wonder what is a “Seer”?  When one is baptized in the Holy Spirit, the evidence is speaking in other tongues, and this is a powerful gift especially in prayer, but there are other gifts of the Holy Spirit.  A SEER will see into What God is doing often by a dream or vision, or simply a knowing in their spirit what is God’s plan.
A Seer will often prophesy as they pray and will be praying according to God’s will.  God may allow them to see (or know) what the person they meet needs as to healing or emotional relief.  
It is a zeroing in on what needs to be accomplished without hap hazard praying.

The next morning we arrived at the healing rooms and filled out a form stating three of our physical needs.  Most of us hurt somewhere so that was simple.  Soon we were told our group could enter the hall way and sit in chairs along the wall. 
A woman volunteer gave a few verses on healing and asked if anyone had a problem with their knees and to please stand.  Several stood, and the instruction was to march in place lifting their knees.  A lady across from us exclaimed, my knee is healed as she almost danced.  The volunteer had used the “Seer” gift to call out other hurts and pains. 
A visiting lady in our group told of a dream that she had last night.  She saw into heaven into a large room which was filled with new body parts.  In her dream she knew that these were spiritual transplants waiting for someone with the gift of miracles and gift of faith to allow God to send these to earth. 
(Years ago, I heard Norval Hayes tell about a man needing a new heart and in the night an angel visited him; made an incision and placed in his chest a new heart.  I am not sure if the incision was visible, but Doctors confirmed that he now had the heart of a young person.)

We might say – “That is strange and I never heard of any such thing?”  Understand, with God all things are possible.

Shortly our group was escorted down corridors, and into a class room, where three volunteers spoke about healing and used scriptures that Jesus went about preaching, teaching and healing the sick.  He said all that I do you will also do, and commissioned us to lay hands on the sick. 
After this short teaching everyone’s faith was alive and well.  The leader of our group then brought us into a larger room and asked us to be seated. 
We could see the area in the center was filled with people standing here in small groups praying over visitors.  What happens is volunteers come to those seated and as the Lord speaks to them, they select a visitor to enter the area of praying volunteers.  This took some time, but after prayer we retired into the main auditorium to pray and wait for my family and friend to arrive.  Again the book store was visited and our friend purchased a couple of books.

We were rejoicing and happy as we went to seek out a Home Town Buffett near by and then head back to my city and wait for Sunday to arrive with Bible Study followed by Church. 
We were not disappointed.


  1. You had a beautiful birthday celebration with family, friends, food and worship. Happy birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday, Hazel! May the Lord pour out amazing grace to you in the coming year.

    My sister and I visited the healing rooms when she came out several years ago. We were both healed but not instantaneously. God not only healed her of cancer, but drew her ever so close to Him. She was New Age; now she's an on-fire Christian. I love to tell the story because our healing rooms were in a Christian church in Sedona, the mecca of New Age.

    You are right; with God nothing is impossible. And I love that man of yours telling you girls to have fun on your night in the town! Sounds like the best kind of celebrating a birthday to me!

  3. You've got the same birthday with my brother. Happy birthday to you. May you continue to celebrate with your loved ones in the coming days. :)

  4. Congratulations! God bless you every day! Big hug.

  5. WOW Aunt Hazel you are a wonderful woman of God. I am glad to meet you.
    I think like Judy I will call you Aunt Hazel too. So don't be surprised.
    Big Hugs and kisses all the way from Africa!

  6. I'm happy for you. You had just turned 14 a few weeks before I was born. I'm filled with blessing of how you were filled with blessings. Thank you for sharing so much. Made many smile! Thank you!!


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