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Emotional Healing Myths excerpt from Living Free by Guest author Dennis Clark:

Emotional Healing Myths excerpt from Living Free by Guest author Dennis Clark:
Past wounds and offenses block aspects of our heart, cutting us off from feeling certain emotions or connecting with God. But God is near to us during those times.

Psalm 34: 18 tells us that “the Lord is near to those who have a broken heart, and saves such as have a contrite spirit.”

And Jesus Himself announced that to “heal the brokenhearted” was included in His job description (see Luke 4: 16-20). God is after our heart and longs to see us restored and healed in every area— spirit, soul, and body.

But many of us have bought into myths about emotional healing that we need to sort out. We’re going to give you a list of emotional healing myths and their corresponding truths.

It is important to spend some time praying over the corresponding truth if you have bought into the myth.

1.     Myth: The past is all taken care of at the time of conversion— everything is “under the blood.” Truth: Yes, legally Jesus paid the price for full freedom, healing, and deliverance. But each believer must receive and appropriate their inheritance for it to be effective in their life.

2.     Myth:  You don’t have to “dig up the past.” Truth: You shouldn’t analyze yourself, but allow God to search your heart.

3.     Myth: “Just get over it!” Truth:  If we could fix ourselves by pretending everything is okay, then we wouldn’t need Jesus to be our Comforter.

4.     Myth: When God heals, He erases the memory. Truth:  When God heals, He leaves the memory intact, but heals the pain. It becomes part of our testimony and also carries an anointing to minister healing to others.

5.     Myth:  If you understand why someone did something, you can let it go. Truth: Understanding alone does not bring healing. The adult mind may rationalize, but that doesn’t bring healing for the emotions.

God heals whatever part of the heart we present to Him, but He cannot heal an excuse.

God wants to break into our world and heal us of the emotional pain and trauma we have been carrying with us for years. But He can only do it if we allow Christ to work in us and through us.

If we’re buying into the myths of emotional healing, then we’re going to have a hard time surrendering to Christ, allowing Him to rule in every area of our life. Meditating on these truths should demolish many of the strongholds we’ve been taught over the years as it relates to emotional healing. 

Clark, Dennis; Clark, Jen (2013-12-17). Live Free: Discover the Keys to Living in God's Presence 24/7 (p. 53). Destiny Image, Inc.. Kindle Edition. 

In their book: Live Free, Dennis and Jennifer reveal; “How to experience the Presence of God to Heal Broken Hearts.”

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  1. This was so good. #3 stood out to me. When our daughter died a friend who had lost a child said, "You will never get over it, but you can get through it." I've been so thankful for Jesus who comforts in the past 28 years.


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