Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dreams Can Have a Double Meaning

Water Gushing and Flooding
My last post “The Key of David” I mentioned that the guest speaker asked his wife to share a dream she experienced awhile back. 

As you might be aware, California has been declared a draught area and water rationing is being put into place.  Farmers will not be receiving the water they desperately need for their orchards and crops.  Oroville dam holds the water in Lake Oroville, and is the main water supply for California.  All that to say this - - - 

In the woman's dream she could see the city of Oroville and the Dam.  She was in a large room and suddenly water began to come in the windows and under the doors.  There was water flowing like a gusher.  She wondered if the dam had broken.  It seemed that Christians were giving God credit for the flood of water, but the “President” and Government leaders were scoffing and refused to say it was Jesus sending the water. 
Last year, I urged my friends, to begin to speak to the clouds and believe for rain.  There was some rain, but not enough.  Some weeks later I was reminded of the time Moses was commanded to “Speak to the rock” to receive water.  He was angry and hit the rock instead of obeying God.  I urged my friends to speak to the rocks in the mountains above Lake Oroville, commanding them to split open and fill the lake.  My friends thought I was crazy.

To me this woman’s dream seemed to reveal that there are upper and lower springs of water that God wants to gush out both physically with real water and also Spiritually with Living water to flow out and flood Oroville with the Holy Spirit.   

Since Oroville has the main water supply for California this could also mean that the Holy Spirit would flow out from out city and cover not just our area but perhaps the entire State of California with Living Water Revival.

The American people are beginning to give God credit for healings and miracles, even though government leaders seem to be mocking God. 

May God bring fulfillment to this dream and cause the reality of both physical water and most importantly the spiritual Living water to flood our land.


  1. This would be amazing to see. I long for revival to sweep over our land. I don't know what it would take to make this happen, but unfortunately, it usually takes some sort of wake-up call to cause mankind to fall to their knees and recognize that God is God. I wish it weren't so, but I think about all through the years in the Bible when the Israelites were so rebellious, and they would stray from God, then He would have to allow a calamity, then they would become afraid and turn back to Him, then He would have mercy upon them, and soon, they would forget Him all over again. It reminds me of America. Oh, dear Lord! We NEED this revival that you speak of...this Living Water to flood our land. I was so encouraged that you believe this will happen, and we just have to keep believing, dear sister. I love that you encourage people to speak to the clouds and believe for rain. It makes me think if when Elijah prayed so hard for rain...I think it was 7 times that he sent his servant to look, and finally, he saw a small cloud the size of a man's hand, I believe it was. It was enough proof for Elijah to send word to the wicked king Ahab that there was an "abundance of rain" coming!! Faith in God will definitely move mountains and bring about the change we need. I am STILL so amazed at your post about the Key of David and shared it with my little family. Our son even asked me if your preacher knew about our situation!! That is how much it applied to our lives right now! It is amazing how the Holy Spirit works. Thank you so much, dear friend.

  2. Yes. And amen to your prayer for both the physical and spiritual needs of this thirsty country.


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