Sunday, May 31, 2015

I Believe: God is Sufficient   By Guest Roy Lessin
I Believe: God is Sufficient, Roy Lessin, Photo by Marina Bromley

Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think of anything as being from ourselves, but our sufficiency is from God. 2 Corinthians 3:5 NKJV

I believe God is wholly sufficient. I believe I am complete in Him, because in Him there is no lack, no want, and no deficiency. My sufficiency is not based on my personality, but His power; not on my pocket-book, but His riches; not my popularity, but His favor; not on my position, but His reign; not my performance, but His grace.

I am fully sufficient in His sufficiency—in Him, I am not partially content, but completely satisfied; not somewhat pleased but totally delighted; not temporarily happy, but eternally overjoyed. I believe God knows what’s best, has what’s best, gives what’s best, and allows me, by His grace, to receive His best each day.

I believe that from Him are all things—He is the source, the headwaters, the spring, the foundation, the starting place of all the good, the grace, and the blessings that come into my life.

I believe that through Him are all things—He is not only the source but the resource of all I need. All things come from Him and all things are accomplished through Him. I go through the day with His supply, I serve with His strength, I give with His generosity, I endure with His grace, I touch with His compassion, I stand with His authority, I speak with His words, I embrace with His love.

I believe that to Him are all things—He is the end of all things, the reason, the motivation, and the inspiration for all I do. What I do, I do for Him; where I go, I go for Him. All that I have I lay at His feet, all that I am I place in His hands, all that I need I rest in His care. To Him be the glory, the praise, the adoration, the appreciation, and the celebration, always and forever.

"Believing comes from the very depths of who we are.  Believing is not rooted in what we know in our heads, but in what we have embraced with our hearts.”

Through this powerful devotional booklet, Roy Lessin, co-founder of DaySpring, invites us as believers to stand upon the truth of God – to confess with confidence, clarity, and conviction, God’s truth to be so in our lives! After each ‘I Believe’ declaration, Roy follows with insightful confessions of truth, that will encourage and strengthen the hearts of every believer.

You can find this Devotional Booklet in printed form here, and as an e-booklet here. DaySpring also offers an “I Believe” product line to help you to express and share your faith! You can find some of those products here.

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