Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dependence Day

Jesus - I Need YOU !
Pastor Allan was preaching as I took notes and digested his sermon - -

"We have just celebrated our United States Independence Day and our freedom.

We are reminded that we are ever DEPENDENT on our God, and even though Jesus has set us free from the past; God desires to work in our lives every day.  Just the fact that we are going to heaven can cause us to slack off and become complacent.

If we are careless in our walk with God, we can get distracted and find ourselves bound in those very things that once had us in chains.

Proverbs says it this way, Those who turn back from serving God are illustrations of this true proverb: "A dog returns to its own vomit," and "A sow, after washing herself, wallows in the mire."

At times there is a progression:   A person comes to Christ and is on Fire, experiencing the glory of God.  They are right up there, witnessing and teaching.  After awhile as they grow in God, they relax and get tired.  They no longer feel the presence of God.  They have experienced Freedom, but are still a slave to unresolved pains of the past.

You have been forgiven, now it is your turn to forgive those who have hurt you.

Just because something is legal does not mean it is not good for you.

Some have served Jesus for 20 years, but are still bound, weak and fleshly Christians.

God desires us to grow up and mature in Him.  There is Freedom in Christ, but we are wise enough to know we have the power of choice.  There is no excuse to enter into worldly behavior.  You just can’t have it both ways.

“Come out from among them and be ye separate says the Lord.”  We are called to be different from the World.

We can’t take the Word of God and split it up to defend your sinful action.  You have been justified and now you have the responsibility to make wise choices.

Romans 6 tells us we cannot justify sin in our lives.   So many are listening to Satan’s lies instead of the Truth the Holy Spirit is whispering.

Realize you have been redeemed; purchased back, removed from the Devil’s ownership, and the pledge has been recovered by the precious Blood of Jesus.  There are NO loop holes.

“We are dead to sin and risen with Christ.”   It doesn’t take you in surprise that the price has been paid; so why do you justify sin and sit there in the prison.  The debt has been cancelled and it is up to us to stand up and walk.

Get up and move out of the dungeon and walk in your freedom.

As I look out and view the crowd, I know these things, and it is time to clean out your closet.  Is the crack pipe still there?  What about the terra cards, the unclean magazines and the Ouija board?  Get rid of it in the fire – don’t throw it away for someone else to discover.

God is faithful and he provides a way of escape, He says we will not be tempted above what we are able to bear.

It is time to make a change and head in a new direction.  Take the other road and stay away avoiding even the appearance of evil.  Figure it out - - -

We have a Heavenly Father who loves and cares for us.  God is for you not against you.  It is not hard to serve the Lord.

The door of Freedom is open, so walk through it.  Understand that God did not say we would not be persecuted, ridiculed - - as Jesus was.  We are to stand fast, and decide now to make wise choices.  It is all there - - Look in the Book.

For a devout and Holy Life - -  Seek to please Jesus in every area of your life !"



  1. Amen ! A lovely continuation for the previous post. It is time to throw out weakness and put on the whole armor of God while we purse a holy and a Godly life wholly dedicated to our Heavenly Father.
    Many Blessings to you Aunt Hazel

  2. Amen ! A lovely continuation for the previous post. It is time to throw out weakness and put on the whole armor of God while we purse a holy and a Godly life wholly dedicated to our Heavenly Father.
    Many Blessings to you Aunt Hazel

  3. Amen, and amen, dear sister! God is using current events to "sift" His people...the true and genuine from those who are just professing to be real. God help us to stand firm and be counted among those who are truly His. :)

  4. Great post, are a Godly woman, whose influence has been far and reaching....I'm honored to know you.

  5. Powerful words of truth and encouragement. This flesh is easily trapped in slavery, but God is speaking truth into hearts and minds just like He is here. Thanks, Hazel. Good Word, sister.

  6. Great insight... very true! I have been reading the book of James over and over.. some people don't like tis book as they think James is focusing on works. Not so... He is saying its not just what we proclaim but what we do that shows our heart. Just as you say above, we are not to be complacent. NO! it is not hard to serve the Lord. xx


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