Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Gideon’s Three Hundred

Gideon's Band of Three Hundred
The evening service at Open Door Church was blessed with a special speaker, Pastor Roger from the Bridge Church of Yuba City, CA.

He shared that the wisest thing we can do is to be continually filled with the Holy Spirit.  Learn to love the “Presence of God.”  We need leaders who enter into the fullness of what God has to give.  We must have open ears, not lip service or “Religion,” but listening ears to hear the voice of God and following His direction.

God gave Moses a plan.  Here were a million people with no food and too many people for one man to council.  His father-in-law told Moses to delegate chosen leaders over groups of thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens to judge the people.  These trusted men were filled with the Holy Spirit and with wisdom.

Don’t say four months until the harvest, but look up because the fields are white.

An angel appeared to a shy and timid man named Gideon and said, “The Lord is with you, O valiant warrior.” Gideon argued with the angel and finally after testing, Gideon agreed to go into battle.  He knew he was weak and helpless and unless God went with him all would fail. 
God said the army is too large, tell all who are afraid to go home, and 22,000 went leaving 10,000.  God said there are still too many.  After the final test only 300 men were left in the army.  God said, “I will save Israel with these 300. 
Oh what unbelief was in Gideon, so he asked for a sign. God is not discouraged even if we ask for a sign. 

God knew if Gideon went to battle with a large army, they would take all the glory.  Now they must depend on God and go with His plan. 

In life at times it seems like all have deserted the army and gone home.  Only a few faithful workers are left.  Our hearts begin to fill with fear because it seems we have no team.  God says, start with little and allow God to show up.

We say, “Where are the miracles?”  God says “Go and I will deliver.”  He will perform that which He has said.

Be a people who love the preaching of the Gospel and put God to the test.  Fill me with your presence and power.

Please understand that you are Gideon’s 300, and because the angel of the Lord showed up with the declaration, “Go in the Might of God.

Your assignment:  Do not cease to give thanks for each other.  Pray for your Pastor for his health, strength, and for his sweet sleep and rest.

Encourage one another and decide not be become comfortable with status quo. 

Pastor Roger shared that he was at the dam on Wednesday morning, and counted those who showed up to pray over the city of Oroville.  There was only a small band willing to pray and decree over their city.

Now this small army is going into the streets to walk and pray.  Let us shake our world.

May the Father of Glory give to you eyes and ears to understand the Glory of God.  There is a well that we must tap into it; to open the flow of the Word of God. 

Go forth and Expect the Supernatural.



  1. I love that story. I also love the compassion you and your church have for your community and this country. I'm praying with you, sister.

  2. What a beautiful, encouraging post! I can't thank you enough for sharing..hearing of Gideon's story again made me think of that Scripture that says, "there be more with us than be with them". Even in small numbers, we are the majority with God on our side!

  3. Thanks for this encouraging word, Hazel!

  4. Gideon went through a lot of difficult and amazing pieces in those years. AND I blessed with the Word of the Lord and the words from angels and other serious God-givers. Keeps me going the right direction and helping the right people. Thanks for sharing. This was worth a big smile, b/c being filled with understanding.


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