Sunday, July 19, 2015

Never Give Up

Never Give Up

Pastor Allen was speaking as I took notes on the service.

“After a lively worship time, it often takes awhile to settle down, but now there is a need to be quiet before the Lord, and to be open to what the Holy Spirit desires to say to you.  Don’t miss out by being distracted with your neighbor chatting.

Father God, we take authority over the spirit of distraction, and welcome the Holy Spirit and are anxious to hear Him speak to us.

God desires to take us to another level in the Spirit.  We often think we are doing everything right, but God stops and says take a new direction.  We need open ears to hear what the Spirit is saying.  God is telling us there is something greater.  The water is flowing from the temple and that we are the temple. The water flowing out from us, must be clean and pure.  This means we must be Godly and Holy.   God desires to use each of us as individuals, outside these walls.

Pastor shared that he has a nice Bible given to him as a gift.  He put it in a safe place to only use for special occasions.  His regular study Bible has notes and he writes in it.  He decided to get his gift Bible, but it was no where to be found.  He searched all the closets, cupboards, almost tearing his house apart, but could not find it.  He has NOT given up his search, and is diligent to find his gift even to the point of being obsessed to find it. 

God is the same way over those who are lost or backslidden.  He will NOT give up searching and seeking until they are found and brought back.  Souls are precious in His sight and are important to Him.

May we also not only pray but seek out those who need God.  Ask for a heart of compassion for souls.

In the Book of Luke, the Pharisees said of Jesus, “This man receives sinners!”  They indicated the sinners were not worth it, were unfit, and not to bother with them.

Then Jesus told the story of the lost sheep and how the shepherd would leave the 99 and search for the lost lamb until it was found.

Many of you in the congregation are miracles; you are now a believer because of an answer to someone’s prayers.  God did not give up on you.

Our spirits are in pain when we hear of someone dear to us, falling back into sin.  They were on fire, doing so well, and became deceived and they fell.  Now the enemy is telling them they are too sinful to be restored.  The enemy is a liar, and God is playing hard ball.  He will not give up.

Each time we attend church, we need to walk out of here just a bit different, and carry the light with us out into our world.  Every day we must experience God’s presence and not just on Sunday.

There are some things, I can tell my wife and she understands.  I just can’t tell you, but I can also tell Jesus my deepest secrets.

The Prophets wept and cried over the sins of God’s people, praying that they would repent.

The scriptures tell us that we need to become teachers when we are still on milk.  Instead of being immature babies, we need to grow up.

Relationship with Jesus is the answer.  May God forgive our self righteousness attitudes, when we meet those who do not look right, or smell right. 

Peter was weak and cursed as he denied knowing Jesus, but he repented, weeping bitter tears. 

Jesus did not give up on Peter, and He will not give up on you. 

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