Saturday, July 11, 2015

Honoring Father and Mother


The Bible Study at Open Door Church continued with the teaching on the Ten Commandments. 

Exodus 20:12 (NKJV) Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you.  This is the commandment with the promise of Long Life when heeded.

It is interesting to note that the commandment mentions “Father” first before mother.
In today’s society many children live in homes without a father or a father influence.

Many children have had a difficult upbringing without good examples to follow.
Children are not taught respect and honor, and in many homes there is violence.

We recognize that some parents have been cruel, even abusive, and it is difficult to respect them, but because they are our parents we are called to honor them as such.

The next two verses considered are warnings to children to treat their parents with courtesy and esteem.  The Old Testament had harsh punishment for those who broke the commandments.

Exodus 21:15, 17 (NKJV) “And he who strikes his father or his mother shall surely be put to death.  And he who curses his father or his mother shall surely be put to death.

Parents and especially the Father are supposed to be an authority figure. 
God is the ultimate one in authority, and we must hold our Heavenly Father in awe and High esteem. 

Parents are unique as Father and Mother, and it is not good to call them by their first names. 

Jesus gave us a commandment to love God, your neighbor, and yourself. 

For many it is not emotionally possible to love when no love has been shown.  It must be revealed to them by the Holy Spirit that God the Father loves them with unconditional love.  That is why He sent His only begotten son, Jesus to die, and anyone who believes on Jesus shall be saved.

No generation knows better than us that we live in a Godless society without morals.

The Government and our States want to shift and break up the family.  Many things done in schools are without parental consent, and children are warned by teachers not to tell their parents.   Perhaps it is time for more Home Schooling if possible.

Parents are urged to teach the Holy Scriptures to their children at home and to bring them to a church that offers children’s classes, where they can be taught by Godly teachers to love God.

We are reminded again in the New Testament to Honor our Parents.

 Ephesians 6:1-4 (NKJV) Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honor your father and mother,” which is the first commandment with promise: “that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth.” And you, fathers, do not provoke your children to wrath, but bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord.

I asked permission to relate a story about my cousin whose dad was an alcoholic.  The man had embarrassed his family with his drunkenness and finally was homeless.  Our cousin altered his detached garage into a cabin for his Dad so he had a place to live and be cared for.  Our cousin said, after all - - he is my father.  Perhaps there was not a whole lot of respect there, but my cousin did show honor.


  1. Your cousin is strong and inspiring. I have learnt Aunt Hazel. But the place of forgiveness is needful but may not be easy. If the Lord permit may be I will share my own story one day.

    But I never want to raise kids that will not honor their parents as a Sunday School Teacher I know many of my kids struggle too especially in this generation. I hope to teach them and also live up to what I say.

    Tough isn't it even if you feel justified?

    Loads of Blessings Aunt Hazel

  2. As I was going up with my parents who were fighting with each other and forcing me to be a fighter, too, and filled with horrific sinful languages, I sometimes really liked my parents, when something was working out OK, and then sometimes I hated them. I'm very grateful that they both came to the Lord... my dad was 59 when he did and went to heaven when he was 65 in 1984. Mom came to the Lord when she was 80 and went to heaven when she was 90-1/2 in 2011. To know how they officially came to the Lord has been a huge blessing. AND I've been told by many that the reason they did is b/c I had come to the Lord when I was 20--and significantly older than my sisters-- and my sisters and parents were filled with more and more of the love of the Lord. Sorry to yammer so long, but this is very importantly connected to my heart. I'm so grateful that the Lord truly broke into me. Bless, bless, bless the Lord!!!

  3. I am so glad you wrote on this.. One thing some people fail to understand.. We are to respect our parents no matter how they are.. The verse does not say if they are perfect, there are no conditions at all. Praise God for your cousin who will be bless by God for his loving action to his dad. xxx


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