Thursday, April 14, 2016

Count Up – Not Down


Our Bible teacher at Open Door Church, said, we are creating a journey.  I took notes and present her digested lesson here.

The Children of Israel had been slaves in Egypt for about 400 years, but God through Moses was delivering them.  The last plague was the deciding factor in their release. 
The Death angel was to pass by and slay the first born in each household.  The Jews were instructed how to cause the Death Angel to “Pass Over” their homes. 
They were to kill a perfect lamb and place its blood on the sides and top of their door.  Then they were to stay in their homes, roast the lamb and celebrate the Passing Over.

This tradition of celebrating the “Pass Over” has been handed down from generation to generation.  It is initiated by the fathers to their children.

In the New Testament, the believers were ready to celebrate this feast of Pass Over.  Pentecost was to follow. 

The church was established but now in Acts chapter 2 there entered the Holy Spirit with power, in a new dimension.  A world wide revival was to begin.

Many Jews from other lands came to Jerusalem to celebrate the Pass Over/Pentecost.

When the Holy Spirit was poured out upon the 120, there was such a stir that it was necessary for Peter to explain the prophetic happening and how these watching could be saved by believing on Jesus.

Every time there is a historic outbreak of the Holy Spirit, culture changes.  People receive new faith to walk uprightly in obedience to God’s Word.  This effects culture change for the better. 

It is clear that the Holy Spirit with endowment of Power is a gift that all, who ask, may receive.  The Holy Spirit helps your prayer life, your worship time, and your daily steps.

When people first came to America, desired freedom to worship; according to the dictates of their heart.  America was founded on Scriptural principles honoring God and His moral issues.

The Jewish Culture, their rituals and celebrations remind us to honor the Holy Spirit.

He shows us the direction for our lives through the Word and by His still small voice inside us. He seeks to draw us closer into a more intimate relationship with our Father God.

Each of us are amazing individuals.  My world is different than yours; you influence your world.

The disciples were seeking the heart of the Father and were praying.  The Holy Spirit directed them in Acts chapter 13 to send out Saul and Barnabas as missionaries.  They laid hands on them and sent them out.

We need to boldly lay hands to bless those who minister to us at our church.  To proclaim that their gifts and anointing will be enlarged and spread the God touch.  God offers amazing gifts to his children. 

The pattern as the Holy Spirit comes to individuals is to Fill, endow, teach, encourage and Share revelation knowledge.

The Holy Spirit is a person; he has emotions and can be grieved.  He loves and has a mind.  Romans 8:16, The Holy spirit bears witness to our spirit that we are saved.

He helps our weakness, cleanses, purifies, speaks, reminds and gently directs us.

He causes “Rivers of Live” to flow out from us to reach other people.  He sends refreshing and revival.

When revival comes, we are no longer comfortable with certain practices, and we must understand that we walk on “holy ground.”

Some are deeply hurt from other in their past; abuse, rejection, betrayal.  God comes to recover and wash away the past with His forgiveness.  Often we find it difficult to forgive those who have mistreated us, but if we allow Jesus to forgive them through us, it will be done.

Don’t allow pride to keep you from receiving mercy and grace.  Can you share what you have been given?



  1. Beautiful, comforting words. No wonder, of all the names that Jesus could have referred to when speaking of the precious Holy Spirit, He called Him the Comforter. May we ever allow Him to have greater room in our lives to work in mighty ways in these last days!

  2. Thank you. Made me think and focus on the right things at the right times. Blessings...


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