Thursday, April 14, 2016

Simple Illustrations can be Meaningful.


Pastor has trusted me to bring a focus each week at our praying over our city meeting.  Some days, I am led to bring a simple illustration along with the focus.

As we opened our prayer over our city one Wednesday morning, I placed an empty folding chair on the platform behind the alter bench.

"This morning I have invited Jesus to sit in this chair; and during our prayer time - - if you want to ask Jesus for ANYTHING just come kneel here and tell Him all about it, then listen."

You may think this was crazy, but I tell you - when I said those words, "I invited Jesus to sit in this chair" - - a SWEET presence came over me and I know Jesus honored that by sitting in the chair.
Two persons came at different times and knelt. I can't kneel, so I just stood before Him and shared my heart.
~ ~ ~ 

The next Wednesday, the Lord prompted me to change the chair and bring it down from the platform.  I wrapped one of the prayer blankets across the back of the chair.

“Today I have invited Jesus to sit in this chair, and if you have ever wanted to have Jesus hold you and just sit on His lap – today is the day.”

One of our ladies mentioned that Robbie was not feeling well and will not be here today.  At that moment, in walked Robbie, very slowly, and it was evident she was in pain.

I approached her, and led her to the chair wrapping the blanket around her shoulders.  Others came and we laid hands on her and prayed for her healing.  By the time our meeting was over, Robbie came to me and proclaimed that all the pain was gone and she was rejoicing. 

I remembered that Oral Roberts would use what he called a “Point of Contact,” and there are times we are led to use a simple illustration, and the message God desires to get across comes like lightening.

Some might think these illustrations were silly or foolish – but I was reminded in
1 Corinthians 1:25  For the foolishness of God is wiser than men, - - -


  1. Oh, so true. You know sometimes I see a park bench and think, wow this bench has seen a lot, heard a lot, been through a lot. Just how many people; lovers, family, friends sat there?

    Inviting Jesus to sit on a chair is life-changing indeed.

  2. Amen! Praise the Lord for the miracles He grants us when we call on His name.
    God bless Aunt Hazel

  3. All I can count on is that Jesus will be in my heart, brain, and body during the dreaming, worshiping, and focusing on Heaven. He is "IT" forever!!


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