Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Wind of the Holy Spirit is often Hot

Walls of Protection for God's People
Wednesday we meet at our church, to pray over our city (and our families and friends too.)  Pastor Allan has asked me to bring a short focus each week, and I am sharing todays focus with you.

The Children of Israel were on their way OUT of Egypt when all of a sudden, Pharaoh’s Army was after them.  The enemy was behind them and the impassable Red sea was ahead.  The Children of Israel were good at FEAR and MURMERING.   

We should not be too hard on them, because often we act just like they did when an obstacle is in our way.  God heard their crying and told Moses to stretch out his hand holding his rod. 

All that night God caused a STRONG East WIND to blow against the water, creating a wall of water, on each side of a dry path for them to pass the next morning. 
It was a wide path, not a single-file walk way.   In my imagination, I can see the wind warm perhaps even hot like on the Wind of Pentecost; when the Holy Spirit sent tongues of fire on the heads of believers. 
If the wind was hot, it would dry up the muddy sea bottom, causing dry land for the people’s feet as the scripture declares. 

If you remember this story, you will know the enemy army decided to come after them into the dry path - - except the path became mud again causing their chariot wheels to break and their wagons to fall apart.  On top of all that - - the walls of water came crashing down drowning Pharaoh's army. 

As we pray for our family, friends and for our city, what can we learn from this reminder?

  1. Do not fear or complain; thinking all is not working.
  2. Continue to pray - - expecting the walls to support you, but to fall around the enemy.
  3. March forward with your feet on good ground as you shop, work, visit and testify to others.
  4. Keep a positive attitude, knowing God is fighting the battle, as you pray.
  5. Allow the Wind of the Holy Spirit to renew, restore and hold you up in your Body, Soul and Spirit.


  1. Wonderful story and advice, Hazel. Thanks for the reminder, sister. It's easy to forget and lose hope in the flesh. It's in our Father's hands that we are delivered.

  2. This is a powerful message; I particularly like the prayer suggestions at the end!

  3. You are spot on Hazel..great reminders that our flesh is no different those Israelite. Thank God for the Holy Spirit and the sweet conviction He brings when we walk in it. Blessings


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