Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Speaking our Minds and Hearts

This post is from my notes and our Teacher’s outline of our Sunday Bible Study

Speaking our Minds and Hearts

Reading from Habakkuk 1:12-17 we see the prophet acknowledging God’s holiness but questioning God from all eternity for choosing the Babylonians to bring judgment against the sinning Israelites.  The prophet likens the Babylonians as fishermen pulling in a good catch and almost worshiping his rod and reel for helping make his day.  The prophet is speaking his mind telling God are you sure this is the thing to do?

Consider our own attitude to those around us who seem engrossed in worldliness. 
Watch your sharing with others when you are angry.  Perhaps you are in rebellion against God. 
Habakkuk was angry at God.  We must take care not to accuse God because he knows the end from the beginning.  After all God knows you like a book.  It is time to trust God when things don’t look so good.  Things will go better if you live for God and follow His law. 
We have the ability to use “Free Will” and to make choices.  God is angry with the wicked - - but does He still love them? 

Sometimes we have a hard time being completely honest with God.  We read certain passages of Scripture, such as in the Psalms and here in Habakkuk, we are encouraged to know that not only is God okay with our honesty, but He even invites it.  Most prophets speak on behalf of God to us; Habakkuk speaks on behalf of us to God – and he does it with honesty that might make some people blush.

When you read Habakkuk’s bold words - - “This outrage! Evil men swallow up the righteous and you stand around and watch!  - - How do you feel?

Does the same level of honesty in Habakkuk’s words show up in you when you talk to God?  Why or shy not?  Is that good or bad?  What might happen in your life if you could speak to God with such honesty? 

Consider  your life - - your friendships, place in life, expectations, dreams, goals, hopes, job, school situation, and so on.  About which of these areas do you wish you could speak honestly with God? 

Take the risk and tell God exactly what is on your mind.  Resist censoring yourself.  Speak honestly and openly assured that God is capable enough to handle your honesty. 

Know that God invited your honest communication with him at all times because above all, He wants your heart. 

Proverbs 13:34  Righteousness exalts a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.

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Karen said...

Thanks for sharing your notes today. God often used a nation more wicked that his own children to bring judgment. None of us can claim righteousness in our own strength.