Monday, August 14, 2017

One Thousand Dollars on My Mind

I am sharing adventures from the Prophetic Conference at Bethel Redding, CA


At the Conference NO offerings were taken and that was amazing.  The enrollment fees were substantial, and they covered the books, two dinners and the speakers. 

And then on Thursday, Kris made an announcement and played a short video about their City of Redding and the Safety Patrol of police and firemen.  Bethel Church has been working with the city council and the departments to better the city of Redding - - so  - -

A request was made for 777 persons to give an offering of $1000. to bless the city of Redding.

Thoughts went through my mind.  That is a lot of money !!  If I was going to invest $1000 in a city, it should be in my city of Oroville - - and other thoughts - - No this is not a good idea for me. 

Now the fact is that I have been holding $1000. that was given to me by a sweet soul, at Robert’s funeral, and I have not been sure what to do with it.  I determined that Oroville needed the $1000. and I rested my thinking.

On the way home as I was driving - - the Lord spoke to me:  “I want you to invest your $1000 in the city of Redding, and - - I  WILL invest in the city of Oroville.”

Today I made that Redding investment on line – so Lord I am holding you to your promise.



Floyd Chaplin said...

This is great! I appreciate your humble heart! Actions say way more than words. And your words match your actions. Like they used to say, "You walk the walk!"

Anonymous said...

Get a receipt for the $1,000, because you made a donation. You should also be able to write it off on your taxes. If no receipt. print out your bank statement, but make sure you black out your account numbers, and turn that in for receipt of donation. Ask Redding to e-mail receipt to you. God Bles