Thursday, August 31, 2017

Praying Over Fear in our City



As we began our Prayer meeting to pray over our city, one of our ladies brought her neighbor boy of about 12 years old so I though he would enjoy a true story about fear.


I shared my story about overcoming my own fear of the dark and how the seed of fear was planted in my mind as a child of three years old.  You might enjoy my story: (click on the title of the story:  “A Bear in the Woods.”

Our Hand Out for today was a sample prayer to pray over your family but can be applied to pray over our city, neighborhoods and land.  So many citizens are living in fear often originating in their past.  I read the prayer aloud for our prayer warriors, and there followed an awesome time of confessing and repentance for ourselves and for our city.

~ ~ ~


Prayer to Take Back Your Family / Family Healing and Restoration

By Laura Gagnon

Father God, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit, 

Please forgive me for anything I have done to knowingly or unknowingly give place to the enemy. My family and the children You have given me are a gift from God. I repent for speaking negative things in my frustration and allowing any word curses to be enacted over my loved ones.  

Right now I break the power of negative words and ask that the power of those words and any lingering memories associated with those words be broken over each of my family members. 

I repent and I renounce all unloving spirits, spirits of rejection, fault finding spirits, unclean spirits, spirits of lust, anger, impatience, inferiority, insecurity, fear, witchcraft (control) and spirits of rebellion. I break the assignment of the enemy and I bind these spirits in the name of Jesus Christ. I forbid them from operating against myself or any of my family members.   

I appropriate the victory of Your cross and tell these spirits to obey the voice of Your servant. “I submit to the Lord Jesus Christ and I resist you, Satan. Leave me and my family at once in Jesus name!"  

Holy Spirit, please release Your healing, Your love, and the ministry of reconciliation into my family. Please fill us with the love of God, a desire for purity, and with the fullness of Your Holy Spirit. Heal the hearts, minds, and belief system of each of my family members. Let Your truth replace the lies of the enemy.  

Give us revelation so that the enemy is defeated completely. I ask that the power of resurrection life be given to me and my family members to bring healing and total restoration.  

Let the respect, honor, loyalty and love be restored. Heal our emotions, our memories, our self image, faith and our trust. In every area where there has been a breach, let it be healed and made whole, filled with the love and Spirit of God, in Jesus’ name, amen.



Karen said...

Thank you for sharing your story!

Lux G. said...

It's so easy to get overwhelmed by fear isn't it? Sometimes I feel myself falling into it too. Prayers help. Always.