Friday, August 18, 2017

The Knighting Ceremony

Adventures at the Prophetic Conference.

The last day of the conference, in our 8:00 am meeting we were given a blank peel and stick name tag.  The women were to write a spiritual name for a women and men for men.  I wrote "LOVER" - - and then considered that could be misunderstood, so I added “of Souls.”  I considered changing it to Blessed - - but thought that might seem too pompous so placed the sticky, “Lover of Souls” on my blouse.  We were to wear this until the conference was over that afternoon. 

Our 8:00 am leader asked us to pair up and ask the Lord to reveal the person’s mother’s first name.  One of the Chinese girls came to me, and I thought; “Oh this will be difficult.”  I asked her if her mother’s name was foreign, and she said yes.  I mumbled some syllables beginning with “M” and it was very close to her mother’s name.  Then she looked at my name tag we all wore around our necks and asked if my mother’s name was Hazel (same as mine?)  I said, her middle name is Hazel, but her first name is a Bible name.  The girl paused, and then said, “Ruth.”  Yes, I told her, “That is correct.”

Our leader asked us now I want you to practice what the Lord is showing you about our friends here as you move around the room. 

Over in the corner was a young girl and she beckoned to me.  I went to her and took her in my arms.  Suddenly the Holy Spirit came on me like fire and I told her, “I see you dancing on a keyboard, and the keys are black and white, but in God there is no black and white, only beautiful colors.”  A few minutes later she left the room for a while and soon returned.  I think she went to weep in private.

We attended our next session, and the break out class and the final afternoon meeting was to be the knighting ceremony.  Those who had to catch an airplane flight were first. 

Our instructions were to come single file beginning with the back rows - - and kneel in the front on a line marked on the carpet.  My thoughts were, “Oh no, I can’t kneel - - because I won’t be able to get up,” but the Lord said, “Not to worry, just do your best.”

Further instructions were after the knighting, to leave by the side door where staff and prophets would be laying hands on us as they prayed in the Spirit. Then to go around and re-enter from the back of the sanctuary to collect our stuff and we were free to leave.   

So it was my turn and - - I managed to get down on the floor.  Kris and Dano each had a large sword and would place the two swords on each shoulder of the person as one of them would pronounce, I knight you “Lover of Souls,” or what ever the name that you had placed on your shirt. 

That went well, and a couple of nice people grasped under my arms and helped me stand.  Out we went to the side door and as I stepped through a young man placed his hands on my shoulder and was praying in tongues.  Immediately the air was thick with the presence of the Holy Spirit and I was having a problem walking through the cloud, as we went through an assembly line being prayed for by many we recognized during our time here. 

What a way to end the conference.  I was high on the mountain for the next several days. 



Karen said...

How beautiful that you were able to be there and be refreshed and also be a blessing to others. Yes, you are a lover of souls!

Linda McHale said...

I am so blessed to hear your experience. Absolutely true and beautiful is your name.

Karen said...

That is great that you will be going to Israel also! God gave Cameron a heart for the Jewish people when he was in his early 20's. He majored in Jewish History and studied Hebrew. He and his team have outreaches in NJ and NY and God has given them "divine appointments" to share about the suffering Messiah prophesied in Isaiah 53. His friends will soon plant a church in Brooklyn.