Thursday, August 17, 2017

Personal Prophesy Assignment

Adventures at the Prophetic Conference Bethel, Redding, CA.

(Similar set up - but no desk in between persons.)

Arriving at the Church on Monday afternoon, we waited in a LONG line as we checked in to receive our books, lunch tickets we had ordered, and an appointment with a day and time we were to report to the “Upper Room,” for our personal Prophesy time with two seasoned ministers. 
The ministers were students from the School of Supernatural Ministry who were excelling in prophesy.  My meeting was for Wednesday at 10:15 am, and on that day, I arrived on time. 
The room was large with many ministers arranged with 4 seats in sets of 2 facing each other.  Already seated were ministers two by two waiting for the next guest or couple to arrive.  Others were quietly ministering to the attendants.
I was called to enter and sit at the front chair.  I noticed one of the ladies was in a wheel chair and very crippled with arthritis, but she was NOT crippled in her spirit. 
The first lady asked me, “Does Michigan or Minnesota mean anything to you?  “No it does not,” I softly replied.  She continued, “Do you have a partner?” I answered, “He is in Heaven.”  She continued, “Do you have a brother?” again I answered, “He is also in Heaven.”  (Not always does the minister get it right, and we are to judge, but not condemn.)  Missing it does not make you a false prophet, but it would be wise to get quiet before the throne.
Next, she determined to give a simple prophesy, that I was dear to God’s heart, Jesus loves me very much and she could see sparkles of light over me. 
Next the lady in the wheel chair said, “I see a large map on the wall, with pin points where you have been praying.  (This was correct because at our Wednesday Prayer Meeting, Pastor had recently placed a large city map on the sanctuary wall.) 
She paused to take her breath and was still for a moment.  Then she continued, “You have been charging the angels to go forth and bring answers to your prayers.”  (This was also true, because I had been teaching to make declarations to prophesy blessings over our city and to send the angels out to reap the harvest.) 
Other words were spoken over me, but these were the portions that impressed me most. 
Finally on leaving, I was given a paper to write an evaluation of my ministry time.  I gave them a good report.



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Karen said...

I have had people speak some life giving words of prophecy over me through the years. What a blessing that, by the Holy Spirit, we can prophesy over one another.