Thursday, May 27, 2010

Excited by Life!

Jubliant - - Join the Airforce and see the World
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Our youngest daughter’s automobile always seemed to need work! Fortunately, she had discovered a nice fellow who appeared happy to work on her car. He was also interested in her as a person. He was a bit older than she, but he was a very pleasant guy, and even agreed to go to church with her. To get better acquainted with our family he invited us to his apartment for a home-cooked meal. Obviously, he was looking for a wife!

One day, my daughter came to me with a question. She asked, “Mom should I marry this great man or should I join the Air Force?”

Knowing my daughter, I knew better than to come right out with it. As-sure-as-shooting, the minute a parent gives a straight answer to a question like that, their child is bound to do exactly the opposite! So I breathed a short prayer and made a reply. I said to her, “I am certainly NOT about to tell you what you should or should not do, but I will say this, the man is a wonderful person, but when he comes home from work, he will want to read the paper, watch TV and go to bed, while you want to go out roller skating. Also, you have always wanted to see the world and the military is a great opportunity to travel.”

My daughter responded, “Thanks Mom, I am going to join the Air Force.”

And that is exactly what she did.

Every so often, we would receive phone calls from this daughter. “Guess where I am?” She would ask. Sometimes it would be Hawaii. Other times it might be Spain or France. She was not assigned there, but she discovered that she could hop a military flight, and see the world, nearly free, when she had a few days off.

Beyond that, she was able to explore a variety of career choices. From a nurse, to cook, or even parking those huge airplanes with her small towing tractor; she would practice until she got it right. Her enthusiasm for life was unstoppable!

Soon she found that the military offered college courses! She began to study, and was eventually able to graduate and to receive her degree - - all paid for by Uncle Sam.

Things just kept moving along and through a dating service she met a nice man who was up for all she could think to do! Both seemed to be free spirits, and they each enjoyed having lots of good clean fun. Suddenly their separation seemed inevitable! My daughter had received orders to leave for Korea. They had a very serious talk and a decision to marry ensued. With a military flight to Hawaii, and then to Japan, the happy couple enjoyed a remarkable two-week honeymoon. How exciting! After that, it was back to work, she in Korea for a time, and he in the States.

With so much to do each day, our own excitement level stayed high.

Let’s think for a moment, what is the most jublilant thing that a person can do?  Different people will come up with different answers.

Truthfully though, when all is said and done, the most jubilant and exciting thing anyone can do is to serve Jesus Christ! There is always something awe-inspiring about the life He has planned for us! One final day, we will be able to take the “grand tour!” For all of us who know Him, it will be the journey of a lifetime - - and that is when we shall see Jesus face to face, in glory!

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  1. Agreed! Life is so dull when I find myself getting lazy spiritually. It's easy to get trapped into the feeling that it is somehow easier to live "lazy," but in reality all it does it make life so dull and boring! Serving Jesus and looking for the opportunities that are EVERYWHERE each day to help others in his Name is the most exciting and fulfilling way to live!

  2. That is a great story, and filled with very straightforward sharing and learning and encouraging process. You done good, Mom... and so did she.


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