Monday, May 17, 2010

Red Wagon Escapades

It was only a child’s Red Wagon, but it carried my brother, and me to the corner store, as mother towed us. On the way home, groceries occupied our spots so we had to walk. As we grew older, my brother still found ways to use the wagon. With one knee inside, he would push it along as fast as he could, and ride.

One day, when he was about 8 years old, my brother had a plan. He decided to take the wagon to the top of our hill, and ride it down toward the main highway. Gaining speed as they coursed down the hill, my brother and the wagon precariously crossed one intersection, and were headed directly for the busy highway! Caught up in the moment, my brother did not think to put out his foot to slow down the wagon. Cars whizzed by in both directions of the heavily trafficked boulevard, and it seemed that he was headed for trouble!

He speedily approached the thoroughfare, and as though by a miracle, the cars seemed to part, and allow him through! He crossed the highway safely enough, but smashed directly into the curb on the other side, dumping himself and the wagon into the gutter!

Not one vehicle came close to hitting my thoughtless brother in his Super Boy attempt. Quickly a crowd of people gathered to see if he was hurt, but only a few bruises and a cut lip evidenced his joy-ride. A kind gentleman, loaded my brother and the wagon into his pickup truck, and escorted him safely home. While it may have been thrilling trip for the moment, my brother never tried that excursion again!

I am reminded of the story in the Bible when the Red Sea parted for Moses, and the children of Israel. Even though the Egyptians were hurriedly chasing after them, they were able to pass through the Red Sea on dry ground. All of God’s people were spared, but in their attempt to harm God’s people, the enemy quickly perished as the water in the Red Sea, rolled back over them.

I am happy my brother was spared that day! Also I rejoice when I think of all the times, the Lord saves each and every one of us from harm, as we cross many dangerous “highways” in life.

The protection, and goodness, and mercy of the Lord always goes before us! At times, His mercy will even follow us if we foolishly get ahead of his plans too quickly!

Deuteronomy 6:24 That's why the LORD our God demands that we obey his laws, and worship him with fear, and trembling. And if we do, he will protect us and help us be successful.

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