Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Influence, the Ripple Effect

When my husband owned his roofing business, he often hired young men that had been friends with our children. One of these gentlemen asked if his brother could be used on a large job that was coming up.

My husband replied, “Tell him to show up in the morning.”

Often, I made trips to the nearby cities to secure roofing permits and return them to the office for posting at the job sites. One day, at a job site, I noticed the brother of our friend, eyeing me as he put out his cigarette. As he looked at me, he stated,

“You used to be my Sunday School Teacher.”

Studying him carefully, I could tell that he was probably into drugs, and who knows what else!

“I hope it did some good!” I replied sharply.

Thinking back, I could have been gentler. Perhaps I should have asked about his current spiritual life, or his personal well being. Beyond that, I could have tried to find out if there was anything with which I could help.

A nagging thought has plagued me now and then. Did I really have much positive influence during the years I taught children? Had anything ever reached their hearts, and not simply just gone over their heads?

Through the years, many young people have spent countless hours in our home, as well as in our classes at church. Some are serving the Lord today - - yes many are! They have planted their feet on the solid rock, and are faithfully attending a good church, where the Bible is being preached. They have brought up their children to love Jesus, and their children are also serving our Lord.

Influence is a tangible and powerful entity. It goes before us and after us. As with ripples in a pond, we do not actually know how wide that the circle reaches out - - and out, and further out!

I am saddened when I hear of some who were so talented, and could have been such an addition to the Kingdom of God, but instead they went the way of the world. Is there hope for these who are still wandering? I must echo a loud YES, there is always hope.

The end of the story has yet to be told, so if you know of one of these wandering souls keep praying, and let the porch light be always burning!

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