Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Something Always Needs Repair!

Today I am honored to share an experience written by my daughter Nancy.

Something always needs repair! So after dinner, it was off to Home Depot to get some ideas and, possibly, a solution! I wanted to try to save some money too!

It seems like the day is never quite long enough, and something else unexpected, always crops up to slice out yet another piece of precious time! I needed to get a variety of things accomplished before the next day showed up. My weary, achy husband tagged along with a good attitude.

On the way out of the parking lot, from a distance, I spied two young people sitting with a small sign. My eye caught sight of them immediately, even before we came close. The girl had her head down, and the fellow has his arm around her. I began scrounging for dollar bills. Suddenly we were at the turn, and I had only moments to open the window, thrust out the money with a quick “God Bless you”, and turn because of the traffic behind us. I hate leaving that quickly!

As we drove, I sat musing. Having been partners in time and dealing with countless homeless together, my husband, familiar with my pensive behavior by now, said, “Okay, what do you want to do?”

I knew he was hot and his knees were hurting, so I determined to quickly head over the Grocery outlet across the street, run through the store, and pick up whatever God directed. Hermetically sealed foods and drink, personal care items and such were thrown into a “to-go” cold-sac and we left.

They were gone! My husband, Randy knew better than to accept their absence as the final word, and he began driving up and down the close-by streets. In and out of the business, and fast food areas we searched. There they were! I needed to talk with them so he parked and waited.

As I approached with a ‘what’s-up-guys?’ two very sun-burned faces eyed me suspiciously, but their story began spilling forth. Their plans and dreams of working, and living in the Bay area had fallen through. They lost everything. Their spirits were broken and humbled. All they wanted to do was to go back home!

It seems that a church had provided a recently donated van and one tank of gas, but now they were stuck in Manteca trying to get enough money to finish the trip home to Colorado Springs.

They were hungry! I handed over the cold-sac and they pounced upon the ready-to-eat containers. My rule is that if I feed you, I get to pray with you!

Both of their heads bowed hastily, and the food dropped into their laps. These two young ones grabbed hands willingly, and stopped for prayer. They were weary, but hopeful.

Their room was waiting at home in Colorado Springs along with their TV and play station! All they had to do was get there! They almost had enough gas money to begin and finish their trip.

Well, that was a good launching place for my next comment! I reminded them that there was a place waiting for them in Heaven too – all they had to do was get there! They nodded.

Yes, they were strays from the fold! They knew the way, but had lost sight of who was really supposed to be in charge.

Hugging them like a mama, they hugged back – hard! I told them to do right, live right and turn away from sin. Mentioning that I might never see them again in this life, I made it clear that I wanted to be able to see them after this life was over. They nodded and promised.

Certainly, many things need repair, but none so much as the lives to which we are sent to influence. It’s never convenient and it’s always costly! Intervention in time? Only God knows. I am just a piece of the puzzle, but given what He’s done for me, how can I respond in a lesser fashion?

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