Friday, June 18, 2010

I Am His Little I AM by Nancy Kehr

Todays Post is by my daughter Nancy. I thought you would enjoy the song she wrote.

Preface by Nancy,
Seems, as a kid, I always lived in dread of the other shoe dropping. It puts a person on continual edge.

I was really thankful for being able to learn about God's Merciful and Fatherly qualities. It helped me develop trust in Him.

So, I wrote a song like a little girl telling someone naa-naa- you can't get me! Make up your own tune and sing along - - - -

I Am His Little I AM

I am my Father's glory
I am His joy and pride
I march right into the throne room
I run right up to His side
I try to be just like Him
In all I do or say
I'm spoiled and I know it,
But He loves me anyway!

I am His little "I Am", I am!
Runnin' around the throne
In the Name of my Big Brother, Jesus
I make all heaven my home
I am His little "I Am", I am!
Some say I look just like HIm
I am His little "I Am", I am!
I am, 'cause He lives within!
Oh, I am 'cause He lives within!

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