Friday, June 4, 2010

The Third Dimension

There is a set time to tell of joys, at the church I am attending. I went to the front of the church so they could hear me better, and I used the mike.

I said, “I am thankful for the third dimension.”

I showed the church members our bulletin which has a sketch of the church. I told them this is the first dimension, an inanimate object.

Then I waved my hand and said, “This building, and the people in it are in the second dimension because we can see them, and all visible things with our natural eyes.”

But there is another dimension that we cannot see, and that is all the angels around about us everywhere.

In the book of Acts it says: “Are they not ministering spirits sent to minister unto the Saints.”

Jesus said of the little children, "Even their angels behold the Father." He used angels in the plural meaning that each of us must have at least two angels watching over us.

This third dimension is just as real as the world that we can physically see.

I am thankful for the angels who stop my car when it is headed toward hitting another vehicle, and other times too numerous to tell about.

Yes, I am thankful for angels, and for that third dimension.

There are those in history whom we consider Saints, but in reality we all are Saints because we follow Christ. So who are the Saints? The Saints are all those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their savior.

Are you following Jesus Christ? If you are then the good news is: You are a Saint and you are worthy of protection by the third dimension, the angels and the Heavenly Host!

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