Thursday, June 24, 2010

Silver Fillings and Yellow Eyeballs

The one mile walk home from school did not bother me because we were a family who walked a lot. I dreaded something else; something I was going to face weekly, - a visit to the dentist on my way home from school.

I am not certain of the reason, if it was to save money, or it just was not done in those days, but I was not to be given Novocain for the many cavities in my teeth.

This was the year 1944, and dental amalgam, the material in “silver tooth fillings”, was the material of choice. At that time, we did not understand that the substance contained approximately fifty percent of the highly toxic, heavy metal, mercury.

It was not until years later, that I realized that I had been poisoned.

My dental work was completed, and I was rewarded with a small gift from my parents for being such a good girl to endure the painful process of all the extensive dental work.

A short time later, I became very weak, and my skin began to turn yellow. We did not associate it with the dental work. Large golden blotches appeared on my arms and legs, and even my eyes turned a yellow color.

My parents were extremely concerned, and called in a doctor who made house calls. One look at me, and he pronounced that it was my liver and he believed that Yellow Jaundice was what ailed me. The doctor then gave me a shot, and told my mother to keep me home in bed until the yellow color went away.

I can’t remember if it was longer than two weeks, but I do know that I missed a lot of school. I needed to do make up to maintain my good grades. As I regained some strength, I continued my walk to school, and resumed my studies.

Years later, still uninformed of the danger of mercury fillings, I submitted my daughter to a mouth full of silver fillings, and she has endured health issues for many years.

Today the public is more aware of their options, and can choose to have healthier, natural-looking, work done on their teeth by the dentist.

In life there are many spiritual poisons of which we are often unaware. Nice-looking people may come to our door to interest us in studying the Bible. Other, well recognized, groups may seem innocent enough, but later will take you through brainwashing techniques and forms of mind control. There are even some forms of exercise that have an “Eastern mystique” about them.

How can you protect yourself spiritually against falsehood that could poison you? You must investigate!

First of all, consider this. Do these groups use the Bible as their guide or do they offer a second book? Do they believe in a literal hell to shun and a literal heaven to gain?

Do they recognize Jesus who died, was buried, rose from the dead and is coming back soon to gather His saints?

If they do not adhere to the above, proceed with caution, they could be hazardous to your spiritual health.

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