Saturday, June 19, 2010

Coffee Break, Cold Water and Bob by Nancy Kehr

Todays post is by Guest writer, daughter, Nancy Kehr - Enjoy her story!

Rushing in the door, immediately on the lookout for my husband Randy, my daughter, pushed past me because something was wrong with her car. She had come to pick up the grandkids – two precocious 10 year olds – but half way to our house, her car began making a loud knocking noise!

I was ready for everyone to be gone! For a myriad of reasons, getting to my work while these two were here was next to impossible! At least I had the evening to catch up.

“Rocker arm’s loose,” was Randy’s diagnosis. “She can’t drive it home…we’ll have to take them home to Modesto.”

Poof! There went all our plans for that evening! Seems like whenever we have a boatload of stuff to accomplish, it often takes second place to something like this! Well it couldn’t be helped, and they had to get home. I would have to be up early the next day to drive one car while Randy tried to drive hers to the auto shop. Hadn’t we had just done this for her in February?

Everyone loaded up into the big truck and we made the trip to Modesto. It was already getting late so only one of our errands could be accomplished. The car was filled up but our stomachs were on empty! On the trip home, Starbucks beckoned from the freeway. It was not our usual store, but we decided to make a bit of a “date-night” anyway! Date-night. That’s where we kick back; forget everything but each other, talk, sit close, talk, hold hands and talk. Yes! That’s what we’d do!

There it sat! I noticed it as we scouted the place for a good out-of-the-way place to sit. Had the Gideon’s been there? We eyed a Bible at one of the empty tables. No one was there so, the Book marked our spot!

An UPS man arrived at the counter about the same time as I did. He deferred to me to order first. I thanked him; we made small talk. Meanwhile, Randy headed for “the spot”. Order complete, I headed there too. Behind me was the UPS man. Randy picked up the Bible, while I got comfortable.

“Oh, that’s mine,” said a deep voice. A look up revealed the UPS man.

We told him we had been meaning to read Psalms 27 all day, and he motioned for us to continue. Randy read the whole chapter out loud. I prayed while Randy continued to talk, as he shared the Word with related stories. This tired fellow seemed to enjoy the unexpected twist in his evening.

His practice was to save up all his breaks until the end of the day, and then finish paperwork, and unwind at Starbucks before heading home.

Upon parting, I commented that he probably never expected to spend his break with fanatics! He laughed and remarked that he needed it, emphasizing that he was there every evening at the same time!

His name was Bob. Funny how we thought we were just getting ourselves some coffee. Instead, we were sent to bring him a cup of cold water!

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