Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Four Fingers Pointing Back at You

My husband’s Sunday School class of young pre-teen age boys sat at rapt attention as their teacher told amazing stories from the Bible. At the end of each lesson came a life application, and they boys would discuss how they could serve Jesus in their own way.

If one of his students was absent, my husband would visit, or call to encourage them to return the next Sunday.

One Sunday, a fine young man, was not there and was sorely missed. My husband, contacted the parents, and he was informed that the family had just purchased a boat, and they would not be attending church while the weather was so nice.

My husband emphasized the importance for their children to be in Sunday School and also in church,, but the mother, boldly stated that Sunday was the only day they had available to use the boat, and they needed to make use of their investment as a family outing. We never saw this family at church again.

Many months passed, and one day my husband noticed the mother of the young man in a local store where he was shopping. She recognized him and immediately came up to him with an accusing look on her face.

She began her sad story, “Our son got involved in drugs, and he recently died from an overdose.”

My husband expressed his sorrow and sympathy for the family, and this is what he heard back from the grieving mother;

You were his Sunday School teacher, and I blame you for not doing a better job at teaching him.”

My husband knew this lady was hurting, and he doubted if she believed what she had just spoken. My husband was not prepared to explain the responsibilities of parents to teach their children at home, and to also keep them in church and especially in Sunday School.

We have known other parents who asked “Why did my child end up this way?” And I can remember more than one family who attended church rather regularly, but we hardly ever saw their children in Sunday School. I do not know what Spiritual training they received at home, but I wonder.

I am a firm believer in the Sunday School, for it is there, that children are given a foundation on their own grade level of the concept of God and His love for them.

I must not leave out Vacation Bible Schools as an excellent spiritual teaching tool for grade school children. Avail yourself of every avenue to expose your children to God.

Then there are the Bible Clubs held in homes and at schools, sponsored by Child Evangelism Fellowship. This is where my youngest child received Jesus into her heart.

I do hope your children are following Jesus, and if not, please do not point fingers, because the truth is - - there are four fingers pointing back at YOU.

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