Monday, December 27, 2010

Red Light or Green Light

Over in the corner of my kitchen, sits my computer which is a cozy place to write, view and enjoy my coffee. On the end of my kitchen counter near my telephone, sits my two wire modem box with its shiny green lights alerting me that my DSL is on and working.

Well it was working  - - up until  three weeks ago when my telephone dial tone quit.

A call to the phone company on my emergency cell, gave me a message that in 5 days I would have service again. Five days passed and yes, for about 2 hours I had static and a dial tone, and then crash, it was down again. I dare not tell you the name of my phone company, but their initials are A T & T. Profits before service must be their motto! LOL

A repair man came out to fix my phone, but he found it necessary to inform us that the phone line, pole to pole was damaged. He would put in a report, but could not promise a time when it would be put back into working order.

Being a squeaky wheel was not helping, as each time I called, and listened to beautiful music for 15 minutes; the kind service representative informed me that my case was still open, and they were doing all they could to correct the problem.

The rain storms were not helping, and the fact that it was a few days before Christmas and the line crews were working on other problems, was of no comfort to me. I could not be consoled.

Each morning and during the day, as I entered my kitchen, I peered over at my 2 wire box and was continually dismayed because the red light on the DSL line that I viewed had not yet turned back to green.

Hope against hope that I could once again be able to get on-line, so I could retrieve my e-mail and post my blog, was beginning to dash all my faith in the phone company.

My telephone and computer communication has been broken and I am suffering untold distress! Oh me, oh my, what shall I do?

In life, when we break communion with God, we experience a spiritual spiral that leaves us without a trouble shooter. We encounter untold misery and we question, “Why?”

We remain in that miserable condition until WE take the steps necessary to “fix” the problem.

If it is something that we are holding on to that needs releasing, it is time to, “Let it go.”

Forgiveness is not an option, and it is time to let loose of events or grudges we are nurturing in our thought life. Forget, perhaps not, but forgive, yes.

Keep the telephone lines to heaven open with an unlocked heart and always share with Jesus, and he will get back to you sooner than the telephone company promises.

The green light is always on to Heaven, so make your call today! He is waiting!

P.S.  My land line is still down, and I am using a borrowed computer.  BUT my line to heaven is still active!

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