Saturday, May 21, 2011

Birthday Milestones

We check the milestones usually at each decade; some are more difficult to embrace than others.

At ten years old we believe we are big stuff! We have the world by its tail!

Twenty takes us out of the teen age years. Time for serious thought.

Thirty is usually a tough and thorny mile stone and often a depressing Birthday to celebrate! We are expected to act more matured now!!

At age forty we can be 39 for the next ten years!

Fifty is the time AARP invites us to become a “Senior Citizen,” and often there are discounts allowed for certain pleasures.

Sixty is the time we approach retirement and (hopefully) expect to slow down a bit. However, I sought a new career at age 60 and embarked back into the world of business to work another 12 years.

Seventy is very close to the allotted time that God says he has given to us for our days.

Eighty is a rather large number.  However in my spirit I am still young although my body does not always agree.

Last year in May, I did hit the big milestone of Eighty years young. I have joked that possibly at this age, I may be officially considered an “old lady.” NO, said one of my friends at church, 80 is still young.

The Bible tells us that as our days, so shall our strength be, and I am claiming that scripture for myself.

Long life to you all, and may you enjoy good health, happiness and the treasures of many friends and loved ones all of your Birthday celebrations.


  1. Wow,I am 42 and I still can be 41 for the next ten years.I am about to ask your age and now I dont have to..Thanks for these wonderful thoughts of wisdom.I am having freaking moments with this 40's syndrome.I guess my body clock changes and I dislike it.Have a Blessed Sunday

  2. Hazel, i can't believe you are 80. you have always been a BIG blessing to me and still are. Have a happy and blessed birthday and may all your days be blessed and your body,..........may it forget how old it is.
    Jane N

  3. I'm a few days late, but still want to wish you a happy belated birthday, and a fantastic year. May you have many more wonderful birthdays. Your writing shows you are much younger in heart and mind. It's all about attitude is what my mother-in-love always used to say.


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