Sunday, May 22, 2011

Birthdays and Unusual Celebrations

Thinking back I remember my first Birthday party. It was on my tenth birthday my mother allowed me to invite a few friends from school for a party. Mother set it up in our back yard, with my small table, and we had a picnic while we played “pin the tail on the donkey,” and enjoyed cake and punch.”

My last party was when I hit the big 40. My children and my parents were there and we all celebrated this milestone in my life.

I have done some unusual things on several of my birthdays.

It just so happened that one year my birthday fell on my day to volunteer at the Rescue Mission Thrift Shop in old Down Town Oakland. My sister came down to wish me a Happy Birthday, and she exclaimed, “What a way to celebrate your birthday.”

Many years ago now, my dad had been in the Chico hospital with kidney failure. He did not live to return to his earthly home. It just so turned out that the most convenient day for his funeral happened to be on my birthday! Mother had too much on her mind, and I think it was much later that she realized this was NO way to celebrate my birthday!!

My husband is not one for cards and gifts, but he did send me the following e-mail on the day just prior to my Birthday, and I share it with you.


Almost eighty and still going, it doesn’t get much better than that. Eighty is a pretty big number and you have spent three fourths of it with me.

We were young and I think we chose well. I can't imagine ever being with someone else. I want to thank you for our life together all these years, you have been a good wife to me and I look forward to finishing our lives together however long it may be. I have, I do, and I will love you only.

I love you. Bobby Ray Moon


  1. Happy Birthday Hazel!I wish you all the best.We may not know each other in person but I want you to know that I am very much grateful to have you as my cyber friend.Its the thought and the gesture of kindness..(whatever way it is).. that counts.You are a great influence into my life and I will never forget it.By the way,I was able to make a blog post for the carnival.Thanks and wishing you and Robert all the best!

  2. "Such a special letter from Bob, what a treasure" Love, Vicki K.


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